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100% Data Science

On the 8th of November, the second edition of the event 100% Data Science took place in Paris, organised by the French Institute of Actuaries in parnership with Asquare Partners. This event, organised on the afternoon of the event 100% Actuaires, dedicated to the members of the French Institute of Actuaries, was about Data Science, predictive techniques but also all emerging positions in the field.

75 years of KUL’s actuarial program

On September 30th, the Catholic University of Leuven celebrated the 75th anniversary of it’s Actuarial Program, in partnership with Asquare Partners. The event was the occasion to come back on the history of the training with a ceremony, followed by a diner.

Actuarial thesis presentation & conference on the Actuarial Profession

On October 7th, in partnership with Asquare Partners, the ULB organised a conference that enabled 3 actuarial students to present their thesis. These presentations were accompanied by a presentation of the Actuarial Profession by 5 experienced actuaries.

ISFA Gala - Paris

Organised by the Association ISFA in parnership with Asquare Partners, the Gala was the occasion for former students of the ISFA (Institut de science financière et d’assurances) to gather and celebrate during a cocktail reception. This year, the event took place on the Maxim’s boat in Paris.



Anthony Weemaels on the challenges facing the financial industry, at the Belgian CFA Society’s first Career Event, in Brussels.

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