Advisory & Consulting

Asquare Consulting provides the actuarial expertise needed by companies requiring a specific skill, temporary support or to compensate for an absence or an unexpected departure.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we provide a team composed of :

– recently graduated actuaries, coached by our experts;
– actuaries with two to three years’ experience, capable of carrying out the tasks entrusted to them, under the coaching of our experts;
– recognised experts from the academic and professional worlds.

We allow our recently graduated actuaries to diversify the types of mission on which they work in order to better understand what the market offers.

Asquare Consulting is committed to providing its clients with quality work by guaranteeing its recently graduated actuaries a training, specific to their needs and the needs of the company for which they work.

Moreover, thanks to our experienced actuaries, we also intervene on all subjects at the heart of actuarial and risk management issues of companies.