Market Overview

The insurance industry is under constant pressure to improve customer service in claims handling while also making the process and its outcome more cost-effective. The seemingly contradictory nature of these demands means that the industry is always looking for innovative ways to deal with this all-important aspect of its business : claims management.

The recent drop in companies profitability impacted by the low interest rates on financial products further increased the pressure on the back-office. As a consequence, an increasing number of companies tend to recruit less experienced people and train them on the job in order to limit their back-office operating cost. Nevertheless, most companies acknowledge that it is vital to keep a balanced technical expertise in every claims department in order to avoid a drop in client servicing and an increase in wrongfully paid claims, which would further reducing company’s profitability.

Asquare Partners built a wide network in the insurance industry in recent years. Our consultants come from the industry and are specialised in their vertical markets, which means they have the required knowledge to support our clients in their recruitment missions.

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