Actuary, among the highest paid professions in Belgium

Jobat, the belgian job search engine, has released its Annual Salaries Report. This year, the actuarial profession is shining at the 6th position of the ranking with an average gross salary of 5.814 euros/month. (Do you think it reflects the reality? Comment below).

Besides the managers and directors, it is mainly mathematicians, physicists and engineers who register the highest average gross salaries. Nowadays, a Belgian worker with a full-time contract earns an average gross salary of 3.783 euros per month.

ProfessionAverage gross monthly salaryCompared to the national average
1.CEO10.465 euros+ 176,6%
2.ICT Director7.807 euros+ 106,4%
3.Business manager and administrative Director7.609 euros+ 101,1%
4.PR, Advertising, sales, marketing and R&D Director7.039 euros+ 86,1%
5.Manager in the industry, building and logistic6.869 euros+ 81,6%
6.Mathematician, actuary and statistician5.814 euros+ 53,7%
7.Physicist, chemist and related professions5.626 euros+ 48,7%
8.Electrical engineers5.443 euros+ 43,9%
9.Manager in retail and wholesale5.403 euros+ 42,8%
10.Ingénieers5.383 euros+ 42,3%


The 5 sectors with the highest wages

By analyzing the different sectors, actuaries figure at the 3rd position of the ranking. Here’s the top 5 of the highest-paid sectors in Belgium:

SectorAverage gross monthly salary
1.Chemical & Pharmaceutical industry4.639 euros
2.Energy & environment4.376 euros
3.Bank & insurance4.174 euros
4.Electronics and technological industries4.081 euros
5.Public authorities4.073 euros



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