Who are the most recent appointments as directors and C-levels in Belux? April was a particularly quiet month.


Marc De Ceuster
Marc De Ceuster is appointed new member of the Board of Directors of KBC Group, on proposition of the Board of Directors to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

Additionally, he will be the President of the Audit Committee of the Group.

Marc holds a Ph.D. in Applied Economics and a law degree and is a professor of Financial Economics. For 4 years, Marc was a part-time Risk Management Manager at Deloitte.

In 2009, he had an advisory position on the Board of Directors, before becoming director of KBC Group. He then became an independent director of Arkea Direct Bank. At the end of 2019, he joined the board of Almancora Beheersmaatschappij as an independent director, where he first became chairman of the Audit Committee and then chairman of the Board of Directors and the Remuneration and Nomination Committee.


Raf Sels
Raf Sels is also appointed new member of the Board of Directors.

Raf Sels holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting and Taxation and is a certified tax accountant. In 2016, he became CEO of SBB Accountants & Advisors. Since 2022, he has been CEO of Maatschappij voor Roerend Bezit van de Boerenbond (MRBB).




Marc Bourgeois and Griet Smaers have both been appointed regents of the National Bank of Belgium.

They succeed Mia De Schamphelaere and Estelle Cantillon. Following the General Meeting of 15 May, they will sit on the bank’s Board of Regents for a three-year term.

This board is composed of 14 regents, as well as the governor, the vice-governor and the directors.

Marc Bourgeois

Graduated from a master’s degree in Law and professor of tax law and public finance, Marc Bourgeois is an expert in the field of tax regionalisation, fiscal federalism and the distinction between tax fraud and tax evasion.




Griet Smaers

Griet Smaers, graduated from a master’s degree in Law and currently alderwoman in Geel, was a Flemish MP and member of parliament.