We have a clear statement: we want to provide excellence to each of our clients.

” We are committed to handing our clients a complete overview of candidate profiles and helping them get a clear insight into potential employees’ competencies and personalities.”
Alexandre Jacobs & Anthony Weemaels, founding partners.

An interview and personality assessment is performed on each candidate.

Technical Interview

We have developed a grid of semi-structured interview(s) to challenge our candidates on their skills and on their cultural adaptability. The distinguishing feature of this tool is based on the understanding of the context surrounding the function to be filled.

It allows us to develop a more global vision of the match between a candidate, the function and the direct environment of the job (company culture, team dynamic, management style, diversity, communication trends).

By taking those dimensions into account, we reinforce the potential for mission success.

Talent Assessments

In addition to the quality of our interviews, we provide our clients with technical and personality assessments. This enhances the level of objectivity of our process as well as the quality of our understanding of the candidate’s alignment with the function and the culture of the company.