One step closer to the customers’ needs

Axa Belgium

AXA Belgium is making efforts to be as close as possible to its clients thanks to several innovative solutions.

With the launch of its new “Doctors Online by AXA Partners” service, the medical assistance insurance company now enables its policyholders to schedule an online consultation with a doctor quickly, easily and free of charge.

“This teleconsultation service consists in allowing our 500,000 hospital policy holders to contact a licensed doctor free of charge via video conference in the event of a medical problem, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at the insured’s best convenience” explains Chloé Tillieux, spokesperson of AXA. All you need to access is a smartphone, tablet or computer with Internet access and video functionality. The patient is first seen by telephone by a nurse who asks him or her some questions in preparation for the consultation. He/she then receives a unique code giving him access to a virtual waiting room before being in contact with the doctor, who makes a diagnosis and gives advice. If necessary, he/she refers the patient to a colleague. The consultation takes place in a secure environment that meets all the quality standards of a physical consultation. Thereafter, a report is added to the patient’s medical file. AXA Partners is the first Belgian assistance company to offer that kind of service to its customers.

Additionally, AXA Belgium is the first to offer its clients the opportunity to communicate via WhatsApp. More than 8,000 messages have already been sent since the launch of this service. 60% of the questions are related to a replacement car, 20% to an overnight stay or repatriation and 10% to vehicle repair. Being so accessible has a positive impact on customer satisfaction: 75% of customers who have used WhatsApp give a recommendation score of 9 or even 10 out of 10 to their overall experience.

Axa is one step closer to its customer’s needs, and it seems like it works. Will other Belgian insurers follow AXA Belgium’s example? We’ll find out in 2020!