Dark vs. light mode? Wich is better?

Google Search is finally officially proposing the dark mode on desktop. Dark or light, which one is better for you?

As an actuary, many hours are spent staring at a screen. Dark mode is in vogue and the tech world is embracing it with open arms. This night mode would have as many benefits as Kombucha on our health! But can this dark theme soothe our chakras during a coding crisis? Can it help us reduce our concealer bill? Let us try to answer those existential questions!

Tap into the dark side of the force to sleep better

Dark mode reduces the emission of the famous harmful Blue light emitted by screens, which is pointed out as responsible for our eyestrain. “Exposure to blue light from screens strongly stimulates receptors in the retina, effectively sending a ‘daytime’ signal to the body clock that delays falling asleep and induces phase delay. Even extremely minimal light signals have an impact, via the suppression of the secretion of melatonin (a hormone that helps regulate our wake-sleep cycles)”, explains the Institute of Sleep and Vigilance.

It is therefore recommended for anyone working in dimly lit environments, or anyone who scrolls endlessly through their newsfeed at night, to activate the dark mode to take care of their eyes.

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What about energy?

According to YouTube, with a brightness at 100%, the dark mode would consume 60% less energy. So going dark should reduce your energy consumption! How ? The most significant reduction in battery usage is in OLED and AMOLED display panels. In OLED displays every pixel is individually lit. So when the background is bright, most of the display pixels are turned on, which consumes a lot of battery power.


Tomorrow, I’m wearing all black

Not completely… According to a study, our memorization capacities are weakened on a black background. It’s easier to read, pick up and capture information on a white page. Black text on a white background is best, since the color properties and light are best suited for the human eye. That’s because white reflects every wavelength in the color spectrum.

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So what should I do ?

As often, there is no ideal solution. Dark mode has its advantages and will be preferred if you are working in a dimly lit room to allow your eyes to rest. If you need to save battery power then switch to black as well.

On the contrary, when you are working during the day in a well-lit room or need to be focused on, then keep the bright mode on!

Now it’s up to you to switch as often as you need.

SPOILER ALERT : LinkedIn is also rolling out dark mode globally.


How to activate Dark mode on Google Search ?

You can make the change by going to Settings > Search Settings > Appearance. There, you’ll be able to choose light, dark, or device default, which will automatically follow your computer’s mode.


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Appointments in Belgium – July & August 2021

Allianz Benelux – New CEO

Joos Louwerier

Mid July 2021, Joos Louwerier (47) took over as Regional CEO of Allianz Benelux. He succeeded Anthon Bradshaw who joined Allianz SE with the ambition to re-launch the development of the global P&C business. Joos Louwerier joined Allianz in 2013 as COO of Allianz Life Korea, before being appointed CEO in 2016. A year later, Joos was appointed Country Manager and President Director of Allianz Life Indonesia. A digital transformation was initiated under his leadership, resulting in substantial growth and a leading market position. Prior to his experience at Allianz, Joos worked for 12 years at ING Group in various markets in Asia and the Netherlands.


NN – New CFO

Dieter Vermeire

Dieter Vermeire, who has been CRO of the life insurer NN for more than 6 years, has been appointed CFO. He will replace Peter van Ooijen, who will take up a new challenge as CEO of NN Japan. Dieter is a qualified Actuary and Chartered Financial Analyst. He has been working within the NN Group since 2009. He started his career in 2003 withtin the Risk and Capital Management department of Fortis, when he has worked as a Financial Analyst for 3 years and a half, before taking over the position of Life insurance Risk Manager for 2 years.




AXA Partners – New CEO

Jef Van In

Jef Van In, former CEO of AXA Belgium (July 2016-June 2021), has been appointed CEO of AXA’s subsidiary AXA Partners starting the 1st of August 2021, succeeding to Gilbert Chahine who joined the executive committee of Axa France. Jef Van In will take over this new position in addition to his current responsibilities as CEO of AXA Next and Group Chief Innovation Officer that he has been having since July 2021. Jef Van In joined the Axa Group as Managing Director of Axa Bank Europe. He then took over the leadership of Axa Insurance Eastern and Central Europe, before being promoted to CEO of AXA Belgium in July 2016.







Dieter Vermeire proposé comme nouveau CFO de l’assureur-vie NN

Nomination : changement à la tête d’Allianz Benelux

Nomination : Jef Van In élargit ses fonctions chez Axa

Keeping un with the market – July & August 2021

New on the market

Corona Direct now also offers kilometric insurance for motorcycle

Corona direct: 3000km d'assurance auto gratuits sur votre prime

After its kilometre-based insurance for cars, Corona Direct has launched a new formula for motorcyclists, that can now choose between 3 products –  civil liability, small omnium and full omnium. Motorcyclists drive an average of 2,400 kilometres per year. Adapting the insurance coverage to the motorcyclists’ actual use is a big advantage for them. From a general point of view, motorcyclists would benefit if they travel less than 5,000 kilometres per year.

A bank for everyone in Belgium in January

Febelfin Logo Blok Vert RGB

Febelfin and the government have agreed to introduce a universal banking service on the 1st of January next year. It’s an initiative of a “universal banking service” for banking customers who have not gone digital yet. Universal service means a basic service at a favourable rate, as is it is the case in the telecommunications and postal sectors. Eleven banks in the country have already signed the charter. The charter provides, from 1 January, for a service consisting of a package of at least 60 manual transactions per year, a debit card and a minimum of 24 cash withdrawals per year from an ATM. The possibility of free direct debits and standing orders is also encouraged. The package may not exceed 60 euros per year, with an annual increase of a maximum of 6 euros, for the duration of the charter.

Febelfin & Assuralia launched Club Invest

To guide budding investors, Febelfin and Assuralia have launched “Club Invest”, an information platform for beginners. The sectoral federations based themselves on a study carried out by the bureau Indiville, among a sample of 2,045 people representative of Belgium.

Épargner ou prendre une assurance-vie ? Christopher Calice t'explique tout | Club Invest - YouTube

More than half of them (55%) would like their savings to yield a higher return and 40% clearly choose to invest in riskier financial products. The study also shows that almost a third of respondents (29%) do not take the plunge into the stock market because of a lack of information. Among young people, the proportion who would invest in the stock market if they were well informed even rises to 47%. Club Invest is an information campaign whose aim is “to explain the basics of investing and demystify a certain number of beliefs”, according to Febelfin.


New partnership between Qover and BNP Paribas Cardif

QOVER : ILS DÉBARQUENT EN FRANCE ! - InsuranceSpeaker - InsuranceSpeakerQover has joined forces with BNP Paribas Cardif to offer credit payment protection insurance, a very popular product in Belgium given the number of real estate transactions. It is also a complex product, especially given the medical constraints linked to it. This is a strategic and long-term partnership, according to Qover whose core business is to develop technologies that allow its clients to tailor their insurance products. Qovers’ mission will be to simplify this process and offer a seamless experience to BNP Paribas Cardif’s clients. This is Qover’s first partnership with a major retail bank, BNP Paribas Cardif being the world leader in credit payment protection insurance.

AXA partners with Legentic for a better service to policyholders in case of theft

Around twenty cases were resolved after an initial test phase of Legentic’s “Sjerlok” platform, that offers a solution for tracking and tracing stolen vehicles or objects. This encouraging result allows AXA to consider a more extensive deployment to improve the service to its policyholders in case of theft. This is a first in Belgium.

@ work

AG Insurance is the largest employer in the insurance sector

The Belgian insurance sector has 11 insurance groups with more than 500 employees, and in total, just over 100 insurance and reinsurance companies operating in the Belgian market. Almost three quarters of these companies have hired employees. Assurinfo noticed that the Brexit had an impact on the number of insurance and reinsurance companies in Belgian, when compared to 2019, since several ones decided to open an entity in Belgium in order to be able to operate in Europe.

With 4,345 employees, AG Insurance is the largest employer in the sector according to Assuralia.  AG is followed by AXA (3,600 employees) and Ethias (1,839 employees).

KBC to test working on Sundays

KBC has reached an agreement with ACV Puls to test working on syndays in Flanders and Brussels from January, for 8 months. In Wallonia, CBC is conducting its own discussions. “With KBC Live (telephone, chat), KBC wants to offer its customers the same instant solutions to their questions on Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm as those already offered via KBC Live at other times,” according to the press release.

More women than men in Belgian insurance companies.

In 2020, 54.2% of workers with permanent contracts are women. However, almost one woman out of three (31.1%) with a permanent contract works part-time, while among men the proportion is only 7.9%. Women actually represent less than half (46.9%) of the full-time workforce. The trend towards greater numbers of women in insurance companies since the early 2000s has been observed mainly in the executive, inspector and management functions. In 2020, 46.0% of managers are women, compared to 40.4% in 2010. Among inspectors, 20.4% are women in 2020, compared to 11.9% in 2010. The proportion of women in management positions is also increasing: in 2020, 30.4% of the members of the management are women, compared to 20.7% in 2010.

Among women, 63.0% are in the operational category, 33.3% are in the managerial category and 1.7% are members of the management. Among men, 41.1% are in the operational category, 46.3% are managers and 4.7% are executives.

When looking at the share of female workers on permanent contracts by job category, they are most represented in the operational category (almost two out of three workers are women). In the other (broad) occupational categories, men are still in the majority.

Sustainability in the financial sector

FSMA responsible for monitoring the application of European transparency rules on sustainability in the financial sector

Since March 2021, a number of Belgian financial actors and products are subject to new European transparency rules on sustainability. These include institutions for occupational retirement provision, insurers and supplementary pension plans. These rules stem from the “SFDR Regulation”, which aims to harmonise the way in which institutional investors, such as occupational pension institutions and insurers, must integrate environmental, social and governance factors, the so-called “ESG” factors, into their investment decision-making process.

8 insurance groups create the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance

Eight European insurers and reinsurers have created the “Net-Zero Insurance Alliance”, or NZIA : Scor, Axa, Allianz, Aviva, Generali, Munich Re, Swiss Re and Zurich Insurance Group.

It is a collaboration “that crowns the work carried out by the founding signatory companies with the United Nations Environment Programme” according to Scor, one of the eight founding members. In this context, the French reinsurer commits to “reduce all direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to its reinsurance underwriting portfolios, so as to achieve zero net emissions by 2050” and to “encourage the implementation of corporate disclosure standards and global policy frameworks for a transition to carbon neutrality in the insurance sector”.

Annual Reports

2020 yearly Ombudsman report for insurance 

The Ombudsman was contacted 7,629 times during 2020. This represents an increase of 13% compared to 2019. Lack of communication, lack of response and management delays remain the main reasons for consumer dissatisfaction and correspond to 26% of requests. Once again, claims handling is more common than production operations. The branches with the highest increase in 2020 are phone comprehensive insurance and cancellation insurance. Some lines of insurance have been directly affected by the health crisis: cancellation insurance, health insurance and life insurance. Finally, in various branches of insurance (cancellation, car, fire, etc.), many policyholders wanted to obtain a refund of the premium paid or part of it because the insured risk had disappeared or decreased in the context of the health crisis.




Sources :

Davantage de femmes que d’hommes parmi les travailleurs des entreprises d’assurances belges mais pas en équivalents temps plein

New partnership between Qover & BNPPF Cardif

AXA innove avec Legentic et la solution de détection de véhicules ou objets volés

Certaines compagnies proposent désormais l’assurance au kilomètre… pour les motos

Febelfin et Assuralia lancent le “Club Invest

A bank for everyone in Belgium in January

La FSMA compétente pour contrôler l’application des règles européennes de transparence en matière de durabilité dans le secteur financier

8 groupes d’assurance créent la Net-Zero Insurance Alliance

AG Insurance est le plus gros employeur du secteur suivi de AXA et Ethias

KBC va tester le travail le dimanche

2020 yearly Ombudsman report for insurance

Appointments in Belgium – June 2021

AXA Belgium & AXA Partners

Audrey Amiot-Dupuis on Twitter: "Trophée #USPRING mention spéciale c'est écrit ! « Vraie incarnation du projet + innovation de la démarche » c'est grâce à l'équipe projet de choc nos explorateurs survitaminés

Audrey Amiot-Dupuis

Audrey Amiot will be the future Head of Operations & Transformation at AXA Belgium. She will take up her position in September 2021 and will also join the management committee of AXA Belgium. Audrey was Head of Claims P&C Retail & Motor corporate since 2019. However, she has been working within the company for more than 10 years in various roles, including transformation and P&C operations. Audrey Amiot succeeds Céline Dupont, who will join AXA Partners on the same date as Chief Operating Officer and member of the Executive Committee.

Insurance Europe

Sandro panizza (@SandroPanizza) | Twitter

Sandro panizza

STRABAG SE - Andreas Brandstetter

Andreas Brandstetter

Andreas Brandstetter, President and CEO of the Insurance UNIQA Group AG, has been re-elected to the General Assembly of Insurance Europe for a further three-year term. The European insurance and reinsurance federation also elected Sandro Panizza, Group Chief Insurance & Investment Officer of Generali Groupe, as Vice President.


Banking : too few women in management positions

The European Central Bank is aiming for 40% of women on management boards by 2025

Christine Van Rijsseghem - Chief Risk Officer - KBC Bank & Verzekering | LinkedIn

Christine Van Rijsseghem, CRO at KBC

Only 8% of European banks have a CEO. This is too few for the ECB, who is adding the criteria of diversification to its conditions for access to management positions, the so-called “Fit&Proper”. A working group within the ECB is working on the content of these criteria and the sanctions that could result from them, such as an additional capital requirement. A few examples in Belgium: the country’s leading bank, BNP Paribas Fortis, has four women out of the twelve members of the management committee (CFO, HRD, compliance and customer services). At KBC, there is one female CRO for every 7, compared to two for every 8 at ING (Head of Wholesale and CRO) and Belfius (HR and CRO). There is gender parity in the Argenta executive. According to the NBB, Belgium is neither among the best nor the worst in terms of diversity.




AXA Belgium: Audrey Amiot devient Head of Operations & Transformation

Insurance Europe : Andreas Brandstetter réélu président

La BCE veut plus de femmes CEO de banques… ou plus de fonds propres