Asquare Partners is an international consultancy and executive search firm specialised in the financial industry. The company was founded with a unique vision intended to enable the achievement of the following:

  • Creating value for our clients by placing their interests first;
  • Assisting them in acquiring talent through:
    • outstanding research capabilities and access to a global talent pool;
    • a thorough assessment methodology (both technical and personality);
    • in in-depth reference checking;
    • and, an essential contribution to the completion of the search.
We operate through a matrix structure organised by geography, industry specialisation and functional practices. Our clients, whether large or small, global or local, benefit greatly from this structure as we have, at our disposal, the most relevant resources and relationships.
Moreover, knowledge, technicality and expertise are brought to our clients by our consultants, who have wide knowledge in the financial industry and considerable experience in their respective markets.
This structure enables us to have a thorough understanding of our clients’ cultures, operations, business strategies and industries.