Dark vs. light mode? Wich is better?

Google Search is finally officially proposing the dark mode on desktop. Dark or light, which one is better for you?

As an actuary, many hours are spent staring at a screen. Dark mode is in vogue and the tech world is embracing it with open arms. This night mode would have as many benefits as Kombucha on our health! But can this dark theme soothe our chakras during a coding crisis? Can it help us reduce our concealer bill? Let us try to answer those existential questions!

Tap into the dark side of the force to sleep better

Dark mode reduces the emission of the famous harmful Blue light emitted by screens, which is pointed out as responsible for our eyestrain. “Exposure to blue light from screens strongly stimulates receptors in the retina, effectively sending a ‘daytime’ signal to the body clock that delays falling asleep and induces phase delay. Even extremely minimal light signals have an impact, via the suppression of the secretion of melatonin (a hormone that helps regulate our wake-sleep cycles)”, explains the Institute of Sleep and Vigilance.

It is therefore recommended for anyone working in dimly lit environments, or anyone who scrolls endlessly through their newsfeed at night, to activate the dark mode to take care of their eyes.

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What about energy?

According to YouTube, with a brightness at 100%, the dark mode would consume 60% less energy. So going dark should reduce your energy consumption! How ? The most significant reduction in battery usage is in OLED and AMOLED display panels. In OLED displays every pixel is individually lit. So when the background is bright, most of the display pixels are turned on, which consumes a lot of battery power.


Tomorrow, I’m wearing all black

Not completely… According to a study, our memorization capacities are weakened on a black background. It’s easier to read, pick up and capture information on a white page. Black text on a white background is best, since the color properties and light are best suited for the human eye. That’s because white reflects every wavelength in the color spectrum.

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So what should I do ?

As often, there is no ideal solution. Dark mode has its advantages and will be preferred if you are working in a dimly lit room to allow your eyes to rest. If you need to save battery power then switch to black as well.

On the contrary, when you are working during the day in a well-lit room or need to be focused on, then keep the bright mode on!

Now it’s up to you to switch as often as you need.

SPOILER ALERT : LinkedIn is also rolling out dark mode globally.


How to activate Dark mode on Google Search ?

You can make the change by going to Settings > Search Settings > Appearance. There, you’ll be able to choose light, dark, or device default, which will automatically follow your computer’s mode.


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