Everybody’s looking forward to summer holidays to take some well-deserved time off! We encourage you to do so, but taking some time off does not necessarily mean you should stop keeping an eye on possible new job opportunities. Here’s why:

Recruitment is a year-round activity

And summer is no exception. As a recruitment agency, we can assure you that we see a lot of great actuarial jobs during the summer. Junior, medior, senior or even executive positions…there’s something for everyone. Who knows, maybe the perfect job is awaiting for you? We would not want you to miss out.

Slowing down to go further

Yes! That’s a fact, summer is a quieter period indeed and it can only be positive for candidates. They have more time to prepare for interviews, in a more relaxed atmosphere and with more time to reflect on their ambitions for the future. You’ll make better decisions and enjoy the process on a whole new level. Sometimes slowing down is for the best.

A great time to stand out

Resting and disconnecting from everything to do with work, insurance, banking, risks… That’s what most people working in the financial industry are dreaming about for the summer period. The good thing is that there is a lot less competition for those who continue to do some job hunting. Less applicants means more chances to stand out and maybe get a job that will allow you to make forward progress (while others are at the beach).


You see?  It’s still worthwhile to remain active during summer. However, if that might not be the best time for you to job hunt, we suggest you take at least some time to take stock of your professional situation. Just to make sure you keep in mind where you want to go, the goals you set for yourself and the ones you still have to reach. You can also you keep up with a good headhunting company that will only call you for actuarial and risk management job opportunities that match your skills, interests, and career aspirations.


by Sophie Kusmierek, Senior Analyst