Appointments – February 2024

What are the most recent appointments in the Benelux?


Steven Vanackere

Steven Vanackere, appointed to the board of directors of EIOPA.

Steven Vanackere has been appointed to the board of directors of EIOPA. He began his two-and-a-half-year term on February 13th. The Vice Governor of the National Bank of Belgium took over from Ms. Else Bos, who stepped down from her duties at De Nederlandsche Bank last year.

Having earned several master’s degrees between 1987 and 2019 in law, economics, political science, philosophy, and history, Steven Vanackere began his career in 1987 and has held various positions, including Director General of the Port of Brussels, Minister of Welfare, Public Health and Family in the Flemish government, Deputy Prime Minister, and Director of the National Bank of Belgium.



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