At Asquare, our expert consultants are committed to handing our clients a complete overview of candidate profiles and helping them get a clear insight into potential employees’ competencies and personalities. The key to this service is our proactive search methodology focusing on a niche market.

Alexandre Jacobs
Alexandre JACOBS  | Managing Partner
Anthony Weemaels
Anthony WEEMAELS  | Managing Partner
Jean-Claude Debussche
Jean-Claude DEBUSSCHE  | Business Advisor
Marie-Hélène Petit
Marie-Hélène PETIT  | Associate
Giancarlo CAMPIONE  | Senior Consultant
Loïc RIGUELLE  | Consultant


The Analyst Team is in charge of reports, content creation and administrative support to all Asquare Partners’ consultants. They also provide market intelligence and publish a monthly newsletter related to the insurance industry.

Maéva Fiston
Maéva Fiston  | Analyst
Sandra Docquier  | Analyst