New Appointments in Belgium – January 2021

Happy New Appointments!

2021 has already brought its share of appointments in Belgium, with some major changes at the top of several companies. Here is an overview of the most recent assignations.



Marc Raisière is reappointed for four more years at the head of the Belfius group. Taking effect next May, this extension has already been validated by the board of directors.

This is not the only news for Belfius though: Chris Sunt has been appointed as chairman of the group’s board of directors, succeeding to Jos Clijsters.

In addition, two new directors will join the Board: Peter Hinssen, an entrepreneur particularly active in the digital sector, and Bruno Brusselmans, Chief Information Officer at Luminus. Finally, Diane Zygas Rosen has also been reappointed. It is important to note that these appointments are still subject to the approval of the national and European authorities.


P&V Group

Since January 4th, Gilles Doutrelepont has joined the P&V Group in the role of CEO Advisor, in charge of Public Affairs.

Gilles Doutrelepont became Director of the Institut Emile Vandervelde, the PS’s study center, in 2015. Since 2019, he has served as Chief of Staff to Minister-President Elio Di Rupo and as Secretary to the Walloon Government.

His arrival at the P&V Group is part of the succession of Marnic Speltdoorn, who was in charge of Public Affairs until his recent retirement.



Jan Jaspers succeeds to Ward Hameryck as Business Director of Euromex. Previous Commercial Director of LAR, Jan Jaspers is an expert in the legal expenses insurance products.



Michaël Bonhomme succeeds to Marc Simons (Vivium) as President of Brocom. He will hold this position for 2 years (2021 – 2022).

After having worked for the Royal Belgian Government, Michaël Bonhomme is responsible for the distribution of the Retail department at AXA Belgium since 2017.



The current Director of Atradius BeLux, Christophe Cherry, will also be responsible for the management of the credit insurer for France as of April the 1st. He will thus become the first Belgian to lead the French division of the credit insurer, while keeping his position as General Manager for Belgium and Luxembourg which he has held since 2009.


Degroof Petercam

Gilles Samyn, former right-hand man of the entrepreneur and billionaire Albert Frère, becomes the new president of Degroof Petercam. He succeeds to Ludwig Criel, whose term in private banking expires this year. Contacted nine months ago to fill this position, Gilles Samyn successfully passed the Fit and Proper regulator exams. Mr. Samyn’s appointment by the Board of Directors has been effective since the beginning of this month. Bruno Colmant, current CEO of the company, is thrilled to collaborate with Mr. Samyn, who was actually his ULB professor at the time.

Gilles Samyn is mainly known for his work in Albert Frère’s companies. After a few years at Groupe Bruxelles Lambert, he joined Groupe Frère Bourgeois and Compagnie Nationale à Portefeuille in 1983, where he was active until May 2019 as Managing Director.



L’Echo – Giles Samyn est le nouveau président de Degroof Petercam

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