We match talented candidates to companies. The quality of these matches defines the results of our missions. What is more, pursuing the optimal alignment of the abilities, needs and interests of the candidates when they start their job will create added value. The perfect tool to move forward on this engagement is our onboarding and integration practice.

The leadership development is centred on unlocking a person’s potential to maximise his or her own performance. The purpose of any development process is to expand self-awareness, and develop mindsets, skill sets and behaviours that will allow the coachee to align faster with the goals he/she aims for.

The onboarding and integration practice – either for executive positions or for mid-senior level positions – has two clear objectives: supporting the chosen candidate by increasing success and reducing the risk associated with the challenges of the “first 100 days in a new job”.

Our program is practical and focuses, in real time, on the coachee’s critical business challenges by providing a unique view to understanding the situation and develop creative solutions. Professional coaches, with whom we have an exclusive partnership, developed Asquare’s Onboarding & Integration service. Our approach is based on holistic coaching techniques and includes a comprehensive assessment tool – Asquare Boost Index™ – to obtain objective information about the coachee. It ensures that we take the best path to support the coachee.

Through a process of feedback, action planning, and skill building, our Onboarding & Integration service has a direct and positive impact on both individual and organisational performance.

The first focus of the work is to identify and prioritise developmental needs. Each coaching engagement is customised to the needs of the individual in accordance with the client’s observations. It as a three-way partnership between the coachee, the coach, and our client, in which all involved agree on specific goals and parameters. However, topics discussed and exercises done during individual coaching sessions are considered confidential. 

Our coaches then use all their expertise to nurture this supportive partnership that will guide the coachee to his success.