DECAVI’s Life Insurance Trophies 2023

Yesterday, the 24th edition of the DECAVI’s Life Insurance Trophies was held in Brussels. Known as the Oscar of our industries, these awards aim, through in-depth analysis by a jury of specialists, to reward the best life products, and thus contribute to ensuring market transparency.

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The jury of this 2023 edition was composed of:

  • Pierre Devolder, Professeur UCL, Président du jury.
  • Laurent Feiner, Journaliste, CEO, Decavi.
  • Sandra Lodewijckx, Partner, Lydian.
  • Philippe Muys, Président d’honneur, Feprabel.
  • Erik Van Camp, Qualified member, IA|BE.
  • Albert Verlinden, Président, BZB-Fedafin.
  • Marc Willame, Associate, Ensur

This jury verified the performance and quality of all the contracts in competition on the basis of their profitability, insurance characteristics and innovation.

And the winners are…


Private Pension awards
Branche 23 awards



Self-employed Pension awards
  • Private Supplementary Pension Scheme for the Self-Employed: AXA Belgium (Pension Plan Pro)
  • Individual Pension Scheme: Belfius Insurance (Belfius Future Manager Flex/Bonus)
  • Pension Commitment for the Self-employed (PCS):Groupe P&V (P&V Assurances et Vivium)


Pension at work awards
Risks awards
Innovation awards (Services, claims management, products, …)
Digital awards


Social responsability awards
  • AG (Dela)  
Prevention awards
  • AG


Sustainable investment awards
  • Allianz Benelux & Belfius Insurance


Best ad campaign
  • Vivium («Pour Vivium, faire le maximum, c’est le minimum»)
Brokerage awards
  • AG

Check out the detailed presentation of each product.

Legislation – October 2023

This month, a number of laws have been discussed in the insurance landscape, including the procedure for cancelling an insurance contract, the link between mortgage and fire insurance, and compulsory insurance for electric bikes.



Bill on cancellation of an insurance contract at any time

The bill concerning the cancellation of an insurance contract on demand has been voted in plenary session of the House.

This law will allow the cancellation to take place at the end of a period of two months from the day after the notice is served, provided that the period of one year from the start of the tacitly renewable insurance contract has expired.


Mortgages will no longer be linked to fire insurance

As announced in the bill approved by the House Economic Affairs Committee, customers taking out a mortgage in the near future will be able to change their fire insurance or outstanding balance insurer without the interest rate being increased, after a third of the term of the loan.


No mandatory insurance for electrically assisted bicycles

Following a case between two insurers, the European Court of Justice has ruled that electrically assisted bicycles are not subject to compulsory insurance, as is the case for motor vehicles.



Acquisition, Products and Partnerships – October 2023

This month, KBC and Belfius Insurance announced the launch of their respective partnerships in response to the growing needs of the insurance sector. Vivium launched a new product for self-employed and medical professions. Find out more below.


KBC and the EIF join forces for more sustainable investments

KBC has signed an agreement with the European Investment Fund (EIF) to invest €200 million in sustainable infrastructure projects across Europe for a period of at least 20 years, thereby contributing further to its sustainability policy.


Belfius Insurance continues to develop its healthcare technology with Senso2Me

The insurer has chosen Antwerp-based sensor network pioneer Senso2Me for its Jane alarm system. This alliance will reduce the pressure on the healthcare sector, in particular by enabling vulnerable people to live independently in their own homes thanks to motion detectors and intelligent alarm systems.


Vivium launches a PLCI/VAPZ in branch 23

Vivium, a P&V brand, is now offering a PLCI/VAPZ combining the guaranteed return of branch 21 with the advantages of a return based on investment funds (branch 23) to the self-employed and medical professionals. A standard 25% of the premium can currently be invested in branch 23.


APRIL acquires Expat & Co

APRIL Group acquires Expat & Co, a specialist in international health insurance in Belgium. Through this acquisition, APRIL International strengthens its presence on the European continent regarding expatriation and international mobility and enhances its portfolio of solutions and health products. Expat & Co will benefit from APRIL International’s recognised expertise in Europe and from the partnerships forged with market leaders. Expat & Co will also draw on APRIL’s technological and service base to simplify its customers’ international healthcare experience.


Market – October 2023

This month, in addition to Baloise’s steps towards sustainability and Capgemini’s report, key figures on various areas of the market have been released. Find out more below.


Capital investments and risks insured by Baloise will be managed according to climate criteria

Baloise is taking a further step in the sustainable development of its business by adopting a climate roadmap. Baloise has signed up to the Paris Agreement and supports the European objective of zero net emissions by 2050.

The roadmap will ensure that capital investments and insured risks are managed according to climate criteria. Accordingly, Baloise intends to develop a reliable data base on which to set reduction targets for its portfolios by 2025.


Capgemini: World Life Insurance Report 2023

Life insurers should prepare for an unprecedented potential outflow of assets under management as the largest-ever intergenerational transfer of wealth nears, according to a Capgemini report covering 23 markets, including Belgium.

In response to this situation, life insurers should give priority to wealthy customers, who represent around 20% of the ageing population and who want more innovative life insurance products to help them age gracefully. This report proposes that life insurers adopt a customer-centric approach in order to offer global solutions with greater added value.

Find out more here.


Key performance figures for the Belgian sector in 2022

Assuralia has recently released the key figures for the insurance sector in 2022.

More information: Chiffres clés en 2022 or Kerncijfers in 2022.


EIOPA published its Annual European Insurance Overview

The Annual European Insurance Overview is an extension of EIOPA’s statistical services in order to provide an easy-to-use and accessible overview of the European (re)insurance sector regarding Life and Non-Life businesses, as well as Solvency and investments.

Check out the report: European Insurance Overview report 2023


Assuralia published a report about Belgians and their insurance

The report focuses on how Belgians rate insurance. Here are a few key points:

  • 44% of respondents find insurance products clear, although 49% define insurance as a complex subject.
  • 18% of respondents have changed insurers in the last three years, of which 7% to save money, 5% because of a change in the household and 4% because of dissatisfaction with the claims settlement.
  • Physical contact is preferred when taking out insurance, and contact by telephone is appreciated when seeking information or following up a claim.


Quarterly overview of Belgian public UCIs

FSMA has released its quarterly overview of Belgian public UCIs. The authority reports that the total net assets of these UCIs rose by 1% compared with the first quarter of 2023, amounting to €195.4 billion. In the second quarter of 2023, the sector recorded more redemptions than subscriptions, resulting in an outflow of €1.1 billion.

For more information, you can access the report here.



Appointments – October 2023

Who are the most recent appointments as directors and C-levels in the Benelux? Discover the new faces of Wilink and Allianz.


Dorsan van Hecke appointed CEO of Wilink Insurance, succeeding Dominique Dejean

Dorsan van Hecke

Dorsan van Hecke has over 15 years of experience in the sector and has held a number of senior positions at Generali and Delta Lloyd, before becoming CEO of Athora Belgium. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Assuralia and Portima.

His mission will be to reinforce the development of Wilink Insurance, which celebrates its 10th anniversary next year.

Elke Vagenende appointed Commercial Managing Director of Allianz for its Benelux and Nordic region

Elke Vagenende

Elke Vagenende has already served Allianz in several positions, including Head of Market Management in the UK, Head of Financial Institutions and Head of Product Development for financial business. She then joined WTW in 2018 and moved to AIG where she has been Head of Multinational since 2021. Elke will join Allianz in the first quarter of 2024 to lead the newly created region under the new name Allianz Commercial.

She will represent all of Allianz’s general insurance solutions for medium-sized businesses, large companies and specialized clients in the market.