As the insurance industry changes to adapt to the external world, the Risk Function must keep pace. At the same time as understanding the ways in which business is changing, the Risk Function will need to look at how it can transform itself to stay relevant and build its value. Using a clear framework and some robust principles for development will mean that the CRO can be confident that they will develop a Risk Function in which the oversight and challenge of the business is more forward looking and predictive, and they can ensure that their function is appropriately flexible to meet the ever changing demands of the business.

As a headhunting company specialized in Risk Management, the expertise of our consultants also covers the 2nd line of defense of our clients. Since the funding of our headhunting company, we have accompanied our clients in recruiting risk specialists, from financial to operational risks, from risk officer to CRO.

Our risk management expertise covers :

  • CAT Modelling
  • Financial risks
  • Insurance risks
  • Operational risks
  • Risk analytics
  • Risk modelling
  • Risk reporting