Talent management becomes the capital of financial institutions

The current crisis makes it clear that risk management is crucial for the continuity of financial institutions. And talent management must be an integral part of that.

Explanation by Anthony Weemaels & Alexandre Jacobs, Managing Partners at Asquare Partners

Anthony Weemaels and Alexandre Jacobs, Managing Partners at Asquare Partners.


Expert in talent & risk management

Anthony: “After a masters in finance and a first experience in the industry, Alexandre and I founded Asquare Partners six years ago, to introduce more a technical expertise in the recruitment sector. We did this, by employing consultants that previously held industry roles (actuaries, auditors and bankers), entering into partnerships with established institutes, associations and universities, and approaching the market in an innovative way, by doing this we gained a lot of credibility.

We are a niche actor, specialised in actuarial science, risk management and data science and we are present in Brussels, Paris, Zurich and Luxembourg.

Three years ago, we also founded Detralytics, with Michel Denuit and Julien Trufin, two actuarial teachers at UCL and ULB. Detralytics is an actuarial consultancy, consisting of 20 actuaries and risk professionals, working in Belgium and France.”


Focus on the business objectives

Alexandre: “Risk management is an integral part of the business today. It has to be a partner that allows you to take risks by managing them well. In that sense many of the new models are designed to achieve business needs. So there has been a strong evolution in the business models of financial institutions, and today new risks are also emerging from the transformation of the industry. There is a two-fold effect: the digitalisation and a tremendous acceleration.”


Talent management as a cornerstone of risk management

Alexandre: “It is crucial for continuity that institutions foresee all possible scenarios in order to accurately anticipate risks. It is also important that banks and insurers have the right knowledge and skills for this in their team. Today, for example, they are trying to attract more versatile profiles with a specific background in certain risk areas. Talent management therefore becomes the capital of financial institutions. The right combination of talents has to be brought in at the right price.

Due to the corona crisis, banks and insurers will start to work more on this, which will make risk management much more efficient and successful in the future.”


Interview by Joris Hendrickx for Risk Management (Trends), Media Planet, Juin 2020.