Regarding our clients’ requests and recruitment needs, we see the Underwriter evolving 2 ways:

  • towards a more technical role: Underwriters need to understand the pricing models and include the new predictive modelling technologies in their pricing strategies

  • towards a more business role: with the automation of more and more processes, keeping a human relationship with the clients and/or broker is key to strengthening and developing relationships and to generating unique insight in order to create value.

On a more general level, Underwriters are more and more specialised in their line of products. There is a real need to deeply understand not only the products they are selling and the risks they are insuring, but also to have a real network and understanding of a said-industry. Furthermore, with the rise of new technologies such as telematics, sensors, AI or IoT, the Underwriters must develop new solutions to integrate those new variables and stay competitive.

Finally, Underwriters must be able to follow the market trends, to identify the risks of tomorrow and their client’s needs in order to design the insurance of tomorrow.