Parker Crockford
Parker Crockford, left and Johannes Hertz on the right (Qover)

Johannes Hertz

Parker Crockford becomes the new Chief Revenue Officer of Qover, the leading InsurTech scale-up in Europe. His joining will be essential to improve the company’s go-to-market strategy and partnership ecosystem, ready to broaden its offering across new sectors.

Experienced as a global leader within B2B companies and Fintechs at international level, Parker’s goal is to show “new disruptive players the power of insurance and how it can create immense value for their business”. He qualifies Qover’s culture as “incredibly client-and-sales focused and really tr[ying] to have a positive impact on the world”.
As for the company’s future, its CEO and Co-founder Quentin Colmant shared his impressions about Parker and said “I look forward to seeing him take our growth to the next level as Qover’s CRO”.

Another recent move within Qover is the appointment of Johannes Hertz, the new Chief Financial Officer. His years of experience as CFO (Brainloop and later INCOPRO) will be an asset in terms of key strategic decisions for the company’s growth.


AXA Belgium

From left to right, Gunter Uytterhoeven, Etienne Bouas-Laurent and Camille Audet
From left to right, Gunter Uytterhoeven, Etienne Bouas-Laurent and Camille Audet (AXA Belgium)

Camille Audet will start a new adventure within AXA Belgium as Chief Customer & Data Officer on 1 January 2022. She will be taking over Gunter Uytterhoeven’s position, who will be joining AXA Partners & AXA Next’s executive team as Chief Customer & Innovation Officer.

Camille Audet’s first working experience in the financial sector began at Belfius where she evolved with various marketing and sales position for 5 years. She also worked at BNP Paribas Fortis during 4 years, working in Digital, Customer and Sales Experience. As for her career within AXA, she joined the company firstly as Head of Insights and became Digital Director in 2019. In 2022, given her new status she will be managing Insights, Value Proposition, Digital, Online Sales and Communication activities.

Regarding Gunter Uytterhoeven, he joined AXA in 2015 firstly as Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Transformation before occupying the Chief Customer & Data Officer position. He highly contributed to the company’s boost as well as the innovation and digitalization’s development.



AXA Group

Octavie Dexant, left and Mirjam Bamberger, right
From left to right: Octavie Dexant and Mirjam Bamberger (AXA Luxembourg, photomontage Maison Moderne)

On 15 January 2022, Octavie Dexant will be the new Executive Director of AXA Luxembourg and AXA Wealth Europe. She has been a member of AXA group since 2010 and has worked as Deputy Managing Director AXA/ING partnership since 2018.

As for Mirjam Bamberger, her predecessor, she will be leading AXA’s strategic development for the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain and Mexico as the new CSDO (Chief Strategic Development Officer). She is also joining the managing team for European and Latin-American’s markets.



Philippe Lallemand, Ethias CEO, and the Executive board are strengthening the company’s Executive committee to accelerate the group’s development and meet its ambitions.
Subject to the National Bank’s approval, here is the new composition of the committee:

As for other Ethias key members, the current Vice-CEO, Benoit Verwilghen will take over EthiasCo’s general management and Cécile Flandre, whose mission as CFO was successful, will take up new challenges outside of the group.


NN Belgium

Frank Eijsink
Frank Eijsink (NN Group)

Frank Eijsink, current CEO of NN Life Japan since 2017, evolves as the next NN Belgium’s CEO once the Belgian National Bank approves his appointment. On 1 February 2022 he will take over his predecessor’s role, Jan Van Autreve, who decided to leave the Dutch group.

Over the course of his career, Frank Eijsink worked a few years at ING and occupied several director positions such as ING Life CEO in Luxembourg, Head of Finance Strategy Insurance at European level. Within the NN group, he was CEO of NN Hayat ve Eleklilik in Turkey before managing NN Life Japan.