New branch 23 product spotted in the market !


There is a new life  insurance product on the market! Securex partnered with BeeBonds to propose a new financial investment: BeeFund Solution.

BeeBonds is a Belgian crowdlending platform that is an intermediary between promotors of real estate projects in need of investment and potential investors. BeeBonds produces loans and generates obligation bonds. The crowdlending platform received its FSMA agreement last April, and since then has already enabled investments in 6 real estate projects in Belgium.

The BeeFund Solution offers the possibility to take part in the BeeBonds projects through a Branch 23 life  insurance product. This solution allows tax-exemption and brings more security thanks to the diversification and management of other investment s of the portfolio by Securex’s investment experts,

while all the obligations are issued and managed by BeeBonds.

Beebonds also partnered with Mozzeno, a micro credit institution, to allow potential investors to invest with a minimum of 25€ (while the bare minimum is currently 1000€). Beebonds is currently diversifying  its partnerships to reach as many investors as possible.

Will this kind of partnership become a new norm for life  insurance products? While Belgian citizens keep investing and saving, the low interest rates are very disappointing. This could be a chance to reinvigorate the life  insurance landscape.