Whilst our clients expect us to deliver specialised headhunting solutions, we are also committed to delivering parallel services, such as technical events, in order to meet their ever-changing needs.

Our technical events (roundtables, seminars, etc…) are solely focused on technical aspects of the industry and aim to bring together small groups of professionals not only to debate over hot topics, but also to widen their knowledge on very specific subjects. These technical events are driven by experienced professionals acting as guest speakers.

Moreover, we occasionally organise networking events in order to bring these experienced professionals together in a more comfortable and relaxed frame of mind.

Upcoming events

31 May 2018 – 4th Edition of the Actuaries After Work – Brussels

Asquare Partners will be hosting its 4th edition of the ‘Actuaries After Work’ event on 31 May 2018 in Brussels.

Past events

29 June 2017 – 3rd Annual Conference of the Association des Actuaires Africains – Paris

In partnership with Asquare Partners, the Association des Actuaires Africains organised it’s third annual conference at the Unesco headquarters in Paris. The conference was on the following theme : “Recent regulatory evolutions of the Insurance in Africa : opportunities, risks and perspectives”.

14 June 2017 – 3rd Edition of the Actuaries After Work – Brussels

Asquare Partners hosted the 3rd edition of the ‘Actuaries After Work’ event on 14 June 2017 in Brussels and gathered over 80 atuaries in a networking atmosphere.

24 May 2017 – CEO Event Decavi – Brussels

The 13th edition of the CEO Event organised by Decavi in partnership with Asquare Partners took place on 24 May 2017 and focused on the challenges of the insurance industry.

During this year’s edition, it was interesting to have the vision of an insurer working exclusively with brokers (AG Insurance), an assistance company (AXA Assistance) and an international broker (Willis Towers Watson) on these challenges.

Christophe Marius Hans Decuyper Pascal Van Eyken
CEO Axa Assistance CEO AG Insurance CEO Willis Towers Watson
Axa Assistance AG Insurance Willis Towers Watson

21 April 2017 – AaBr Academic Session – Brussels

In partnership with Asquare Partners, the AaBr and the Department of Actuarial Sciences of the ULB organised an Academic Session Friday 21 April 2017 to talk about the last evolutions of Actuarial Sciences for both Life and Non-Life insurance.

The event featured speakers such as :

    • Jean-François Walhin, Managing Director of Aon Belgium and Visiting Professor at UCL & ULB
    • Julien Trufin, professor in actuarial science at ULB
    • Eric Bosman, visiting professor Energy Markets at KU Leuven and Managing Director of Esofin Comm.

6 April 2017 – 1st edition of the Professional Coaching Event – Paris

In partnership with Asquare Partners, the Association des Actuaires Africains organised an event to help actuaries to project, regenerate, succeed and dare in their career. The event was organised in 4 workshops around those themes. The event was also be followed by a cocktail with the members of the association.

Previous years


8 November 2016 – 100% Data Science – Paris

On the 8th of November, the second edition of the event 100% Data Science took place in Paris, organised by the French Institute of Actuaries in parnership with Asquare Partners. This event, organised on the afternoon of the event 100% Actuaires, dedicated to the members of the French Institute of Actuaries, was about Data Science, predictive techniques but also all emerging positions in the field.


27 October 2016 – ISFA Gala – Paris

Organised by the Association ISFA in parnership with Asquare Partners, the Gala was the occasion for former students of the ISFA (Institut de science financière et d’assurances) to gather and celebrate during a cocktail reception. This year, the event took place on the Maxim’s boat in Paris.


21 October 2016 – Night of ActuariesBrussels

Organised by the Belgian Institute of Actuaries (IA|BE) in partnership with Asquare Partners, this year’s edition of the Night of Actuaries took place on October 21st at the Koloniënpaleis Tervuren.

07 October 2016 – Actuarial thesis presentation & conference on the Actuarial ProfessionBrussels

On October 7th, in partnership with Asquare Partners, the ULB organised a conference that enabled 3 actuarial students to present their thesis. These presentations were accompanied by a presentation of the Actuarial Profession by 5 experienced actuaries.

30 September 2016  75 years of KUL’s actuarial program – Leuven

On September 30th, the Catholic University of Leuven celebrated the 75th anniversary of it’s Actuarial Program, in partnership with Asquare Partners. The event was the occasion to come back on the history of the training with a ceremony, followed by a diner.

17 June 2016  15e Congrès des Actuaires/15th Congress of Actuaries – Paris


Organised by the French Institute of Actuaries, the 15th Congress of Actuaries took place on 17 June 2016 and had for subject “New economical environment : how to handle insurance risks in the long run ?”.

The event featured high level speakers such as :

  • Nicolas Moreau, CEO of AXA france
  • Denis Kessler, CEO of SCOR Group

Click here to discover the complete program.

15 June 2016  – ‘How to stay “Fit & Proper” ?’ – Brussels

On June 15th, Asquare organised in collaboration with the Institute of Internal Auditors, a technical seminar on ‘how to remain Fit & Proper‘ while exercising top auditing functions, with Grégory Demal (FSMA) as keynote speaker.

During his presentation, Grégory Demal went back on what is “Fit & Proper”, the regulatory framework to answer the question “How can you stay ‘Fit & Proper’ ?”.

26 May 2016  – ‘Actuaries After Work’ Event – Brussels


Asquare Partners hosted the 2nd edition of the ‘Actuaries After Work’ event on 26 May 2016 and gathered over a hundred of actuaries. The first edition, organised last year on 11 June 2015, over 80 actuaries were present in a networking atmosphere.

25 May 2016  CEO Event DECAVI – Brussels

The 12th edition of the Insurance CEO Event organised by Decavi took place on 25 May 2016 and focused on the following questions:
– What will the insurer of tomorrow look like?
– What are the biggest challenges facing our sector?

During the 2016 edition, it was interesting to have the vision of an insurer working exclusively with brokers (Allianz Benelux), a ‘bank-insurer’ (KBC Insurance) and an multi-channel insurer (P&V Group) on these challenges.

Hans Verstraete Hilde Vernaillen Kathleen Van Den Eynde
CEO CEO Member of the Board
kbc p&v allianz

13 May 2016 – A.S.A.Lv.’s  Gala Actu – Brussels

The 6th edition of the Gala Actu of the A.S.A.Lv. (Royal Association of Graduates of the Actuarial Sciences Institute of the Catholic University of Leuven) took place on 13 May 2016, in partnership with Asquare Partners.

2 May 2016 – A.S.A.Lv.’s Technical Seminar – Brussels

In partnership with Asquare Partners, the A.S.A.Lv. Association (Royal Association of Graduates of the Actuarial Sciences Institute of the Catholic University of Leuven) organised a Technical Seminar on 2 May 2016. The subject of the Seminar was the “Impact of New Technologies on Segmentation in Insurance” and featured speakers such as Jean-Pascal Labille (Solidaris), Benjamin Mahé (AXA Global Direct), Fernand Dimidschstein (Accenture) and Hans De Cuyper (CEO AG Insurance).

29 April 2016 – Technical Seminar & Cocktail of the Actuaries Association of ULB (AABr) – Brussels

In partnership with Asquare Partners, the Actuaries Association of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (AABr) organised a Technical Seminar on the following subjects:

  • “Horizontal or vertical : that is the question” by Pierre Devolder (Professor in actuarial sciences at UCL and ULB)
  • “Validation of an Internal Model : obstacle course or Love Story ? – Practical experience of the implementation of a Non-Life Internal Model” by Rosella Piccaluga (Ageas)
  • “Actuarial Sciences, from ethic axiomatic to falsificationism” by Daniel Justens (PhD in management, Agrégé in mathematics and actuary)

The Technical Seminar was followed by a Cocktail.

18 March 2016 – Nuit des Actuaires / Night of Actuaries – Paris

Affiche Nuit des Actuaires

In partnership with Asquare Partners, the French Association Kactu’Z organised the 13th edition of the Night of Actuaries (Nuit des Actuaires) in the Pavillon d’Armenonville in Paris the 18 March 2016. The event is the time of the year when actuaries gather from all around France for the evening.

10 March 2016 – KUL Career Event – Brussels

The Catholic University of Leuven organised on the 10 May 2016 a Career Event for its students of Master of Insurance and Master of Financial and Actuarial Engineering. Created as a networking evening, this event was the opportunity for students to make contact with numerous companies of the market.

25 February 2016 – CFA Career Event – Brussels 

In partnership with Asquare Partners, the Belgian CFA Society (an association of over 200 local investment professionals, consisting of portfolio managers, security analysts, investment advisors and other financial practitioners, and over 450 CFA Program candidates) organised its first career forum. This event took place on February 25th in the evening, and was held in a relaxed atmosphere, where a networking cocktail surrounded one-to-one discussions in a cabaret setting.

16 February 2016  The Professional Career of the Actuary – Brussels

In collaboration with the Institute of Actuaries in Belgium (IA|BE), Asquare Partners organised an event dedicated to the professional career of the actuary. This event featured keynote speeches from Kathleen Van Den Eynde, Chief Life Investment and Asset Management & Member of the Board of Allianz Benelux;  Ann De Ryck, HR Director at Generali Belgium; Shirley Minet, Talent Development Advisor at Asquare Partners, and was followed by a panel discussion moderated by Fabian de Bilderling, Member of Direction Committee of IABE.


21 January 2016  Ladies Mind Risk: ‘Tools to boost your career‘ – Brussels

The 2016 Ladies Mind Risk edition, in partnership with the Belgian Risk Management Association (BELRIM), focused on the tools which can help risk managers progress within their career. These tools were discussed and seen under three different angles: Recruitment, Coaching & Mentoring, and Learning & Networking. Our Speakers included Inke Daems, Head of Business HR & Talent at AG Insurance, Brigitte Hudlot, Director at ICHEC Formation Continue, and Shirley Minet, Psychologist & Talent Development Advisor at Asquare Partners.


11 December 2015 Chief Audit Roundtable discussion on QRT and ORSA Processes with Dominik Smoniewski – Brussels

In partnership with the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA-BEL), we organised a Chief Audit Roundtable discussion on QRT and ORSA processes. Our special guest Dominik Smoniewski, Head of Prudential Policy Insurance at the National Bank of Belgium, shared his views on the results of the analysis made by all Insurance companies.

05 November 2015 – Journée 100% Actuaires/100% Actuaries Day – Paris

A day of Commissions, working groups, and research of the French Institute of Actuaries, 100% Actuaries was dedicated to the presentation of actuarial work to a professional audience, members of the Institute. It was the opportunity for high-level exchanges, to take stock of the current technical, regulatory, financial and economic developments of our businesses and our industries. 100% Actuaries offered an opportunity for privileged encounters between professionals from the business side, but also from academia.

30 October 2015 – CQF Institute – Quant Insights Conference – London (and online)

The CQF Institute hosted a conference on Quant Insights, on 30 October. Held in London and online, Quant Insights brought together leading innovators in the field to explore the latest practices and developments in XVA, technology and modelling. Delegates gained an insight into real-world techniques used in the industry and had the opportunity to network with speakers and peers throughout the day.

Among the speakers were present Dr. Paul Wilmott – CQF Founder, Dr. Andrew Green – Head of Quantitative Research – CVA/FVA, Lloyds Banking Group, and Dr. Wim Schoutens – Professor of Financial Engineering, Catholic University of Leuven.

18 September 2015 : 65th Anniversary of the Actuaries Association of ULB (AABr) – Brussels

In the framework of the 65th Anniversary of the Actuaries Association of ULB , Asquare Partners sponsored and participated in AABr’s conference on “The historically low interest rates: State of play & impacts on group and individual insurances”.

The conference featured high level speakers, including Daniel Bacquelaine, Belgian Minister for Pensions; Roland Gillet, Professor at Solvay and Sorbonne; Bart De Smet, CEO of Ageas; and Pierre De Volder, Professor in actuarial sciences at UCL and ULB.


15 June 2015  14e Congrès des Actuaires/14th Congress of Actuaries – Paris

With over 600 participants from all areas of actuarial science, the Congress of Actuaries welcomed first class personalities to stimulate exchanges and contribute to the growth of the profession. Asquare Partners was one of the main sponsors of this very successful event.


11 June 2015   ‘Actuaries After Work’ Event – Brussels

Asquare Partners hosted its’ very first ‘Actuaries After Work’ event, with over 80 actuaries present.

05 June 2015  Asquare Partners – CRO roundtable 2015 – Brussels

On Friday 5 June 2015, Asquare Partners hosted its 2015 CRO Roundtable with over a dozen Chief Risk Officers from insurance companies to discuss challenging topics. The main topic of the roundtable was the recent low interest rate environment which has had a notable impact on many segments of the economy, including the life insurance industry.


20-21 May 2015 – 2 day workshop – CQF Institute – London (and online)

“Bubbles, Crash Prediction, Exit and safe Investment Strategies: Risk management in Today’s Dangerous Markets”

A two-day workshop brought to you by the CQF Institute. Run by Dr. William T. Ziemba, the world-renowned expert on bubble and crash predictions and Dr. Sébastien Lleo, an expert on technical portfolio management.


For any enquiries about our events, contact our Research and Partnership Officer, David Weemaels, by email or by telephone (+32 (0)2/213.51.54).