Our intern battles the heat in Sierra Leone Marathon to help fund schools

Last June, more than 100 runners tackled the Sierra Leone Marathon in 30C°-plus temperature. Among them, there was our Marketing & Communication intern, Simon Vandenplas. All the runners raised funds for Street Child’s work, a charity focusing on building schools, helping families pay for school supplies and making sure that girls are able to attend school in Sierra Leone. Since its creation in 2008, the charity has helped over 200,000 children to go to school and supported over 15,000 families to set up businesses.

At Asquare Partner, we encourage our employees to take part in such social initiatives. That’s why when Simon presented to us his project, we were very enthusiastic to sponsor his trip.


Find more info about Street Child : https://www.street-child.co.uk/

Interested in the 2020 Marathon Edition ? https://www.sierraleonemarathon.com/