Spot the robot, your new Claims colleague

Farmers Insurance has announced they will very soon start to use ‘Spot’, the robot dog, for claims adjustments.

a blue dog shaped robot

Spot the robot dog (Farmers Insurance)

This droid dog, called Spot, developed by Boston Dynamics (yes the company that can make robots dance or parkour), is dedicated to claims inspections !

Farmers Insurance, a Californian P&C insurance company, asked the Bostonian company to customize this special friend for them. The company is planning to use the mobile robot to assist in claims adjuster processes. Spot is equipped with sensors and a 360-degree camera and site documentation software, which could help streamline the claims adjuster process.

This technological wonder can access zones that are not accessible to human for topographic and hazard reasons. The droid dog will specifically be useful to asses damages in case of wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural catastrophes.

Paranoid Android

Spot’s soft spots: its sensors and cameras (Farmers Insurance)

Could this be the new norm in insurance in a near future? Well it’s not easy to guess. Some insurers are already using drones to assess dangerous, instable and damages areas. It’s also the route Farmers Insurance chose in the first place. Indeed, Samantha Santiago, Head of Claims Strategy and Automation at Farmers mentioned that “Adding such a dynamic robot to our stock of evolving tech – such as drones and satellite imagery – will help us build on our legacy and deepen our commitment to customers.”

In addition to using Spot for claims inspections, Farmers will explore applications that could help first-responder organizations during scenarios such as post-event search and rescue operations. Spot will help the first recue teams accessing areas to assess danger for first responders and pre-inspections to assess safety for anyone involved. In other words, it allow the P&C carrier to analyze quicker the damages while ensuring more safety for both its employees and clients.

So next time you see a blue dog, don’t be afraid ! It might just be your new colleague.

Spot the dog will start working as soon as October 15th, and will be first deployed in South California.


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