Top digital tools for homeworking employees

2020 definitely surprised us in many ways, and mandatory homeworking is one of them. While some of us have the luxury of owning a proper home office, others have had to put their resourcefulness to practice to find a way to create a desk (we know the struggle of working on the dining room table/living room couch).

Whatever your situation and struggle are, we’ve got you covered with these super useful tools that will help you get through this period.



Noise-cancelling software

Getting tired of muting yourself all the time? If you have kids/dogs/neighbors/a loud coffee machine or a partner who’s also homeworking, this tool may be your savior. Noise cancelling software enable you to mute background noise in any communication app. By focusing on your voice only, this kind of software allows you not to worry anymore about the dogs barking, keyboard clicks, traffic or construction noise.
There are a lot of options on the market, however the most popular ones are the following

  • Krisp mutes background noise in any communication app
  • Solicall Pro improves audio quality when making calls from a PC/laptop
  • myNoise creates beautiful noises to mask the noises you don’t want to hear
  • Adobe Audition removes background noise from your audio files
  • You can also invest in noise cancelling headphones for an even better experience!


Background options

An oldie, but a goodie. People might overlook the background options that are available on most communication apps, but that would be a shame because they can come in very handy. Here’s how to change your background in Teams and in Zoom.

You can either blur your background, put your favorite vacation picture (you’re allowed to dream), or even get creative – like this man :

This dude made a custom Zoom background for his next meeting where he brings myself a cup of tea (by Jaws19show) from r/nextfuckinglevel


Internet Connection Speed Stabilizer

Another problem that you might come across in your 2020 journey is unstable internet. This is particularly annoying when you’re on a call and the video or sound just keeps freezing. There are tools that help you deal with this kind of problem! For example, Ping offers this service for free.


Don’t forget tools you may already have…

Widespread software like Microsoft Teams offer great opportunities for collaborative work (Planner allows you to assign tasks and follow their completion, Wiki enables you to share good practices within your organization…)  that you should check out if you are not already using them!


Want some more ?

Here’s a good selection of the best apps suggested by Clockify

  • Forest — for focused work
  • StayFocusd— for staying away from time-wasting websites
  • World Time Buddy — for easily syncing collaborative work across time zones
  • Spark— for managing emails
  • Todoist or Wunderlist — for tracking your to-dos
  • Timer+ — run multiple timer
  • FixMe.IT— for remote desktop control
  • Serene — A tool that cuts out distractions, helps you stay focused and complete tasks faster.


  • Coffitivity— for a crowded cafe atmosphere
  • EōN— for an enjoyable music experience during work time
  • Pocket Yoga— for yoga breaks during work time
  • Zen— for relaxing (and colorful) break time
  • iA Writer— for a distraction-free experience when writing
  • Simplish— a to-do list productivity tool based on positive psychology
  • Focus@Will— for boosting productivity through music


  • Seven — for home workouts
  • Plant Nanny— for making sure you stay hydrated
  • Aloe Bud— for making sure you take care of yourself


And if all of this does not suffice, you can always listen to waves sounds on Spotify and picture your next holiday or surf on, an online media conceived to rethink and transform homeworking.

Do you have any tips and tricks that help you deal with homeworking? Don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section 😊