Top voices to follow on LinkedIn

Image par Rudy and Peter Skitterians de Pixabay

You want to surround yourself with interesting news and articles about your own sector ? Follow the latest trends ? Exchange point of views with professionals ?

Here is our selection of interesting voices to follow on LinkedIn. 

Let’s start with the institutions of your sector to follow the latest publication, regulation changes and professional events:

  1. BNB: the BNB shares their job vacancies and latest news.
  2. FSMA: they share the latest news about FSMA’s publications, studies and events, both for professionals and customers.
  3. Women in Finance Belgium : If you are interested in gender equality in the financial sector; one of the latest projects of Febelfin.
  4. Assuralia : Assuralia does not share any news on LinkedIn but is pretty active on Twitter.
  5. IABE: the IABE shares its events, latest news of the Institute and of the insurance sector in general.


Each year, LinkedIn ranks the “Top Voices of the Year” based on popularity and engagement. There are several categories: Data Science & Analytics, Finance & economy, Entrepreneurship, marketing, job search, technology… they also rank the Top Voices by country. Unfortunately there is no ranking for Belgium, but you can have a look at the French or Dutch ones.


In the technology one, we spotted Andriy Burkov, Director of Data Science at Gartner Canada and author. He shares his opinions on technological news. Have a look and find your Voice! Our favorite post? His debate on how to translate “data scientist” in French.



We previously shared his views on the evolution of the actuarial profession, for instance, Mark Farrell, is also very active on the actuarial topic on LinkedIn, and shares his opinions, views and latest finds on this profession. If you wish to have a different view on the industry, we advise you to follow Hassan Scott Odierno, Actuary in Malaysia, who not only discusses the Actuarial profession, but also the insurance sector in its whole. If you want to know more about Takaful insurance, he is a must read. From him, we particularly enjoyed his piece on The rise of the right brained actuary”.


Finally, for your daily dose of (insurance) fun, The Insurance Hustle posts regularly funny memes of the daily life of insurance professionals. Although it is focused on underwriters and brokers, we are sure it will make you smile at least once !