Legislation – December 2023

This month, read more about recent updates on the CSRD Directive, the Guarantee Funds for Financial Services and the guaranteed income.


FSMA published a communication regarding the CSRD Directive

The FSMA has published a new communication addressing the challenges posed by the CSRD Directive for companies listed on a regulated market. The aim is to help the companies get ready for this new legislation on sustainability reporting.

The communication outlines the implementation schedule for the CRSD, the broad lines of the new information requirements and the new reporting standards. It also explains how these new disclosure requirements relate to other regulations (taxonomy, SFDR, etc.).

Check out the communication here: FR/NL 


New framework for the Guarantee Funds

A completely new framework has been introduced for the Guarantee Fund for Financial Services, replacing the Royal Decree of 14 November 2008. Most of the fundamental principles are included in the legislation of 23 November 2023, but a number of changes have also been made, including to the deposit guarantee schemes.

This framework law (FR/NL) came into force on 11 December 2023.


The guaranteed income will no longer be limited for people suffering from mental disorders

The Antwerp Labour Court has ruled that limiting the coverage of a guaranteed income insurance policy for mental disorders is contrary to anti-discrimination law.

Previously, the guaranteed income was limited in time in the case of mental disorders, which was not the case for other illnesses and conditions. According to the sector, this decision to prohibit time limits would make people suffering from mental disorders and physical ailments uninsurable.