Keeping un with the market – July & August 2021

New on the market

Corona Direct now also offers kilometric insurance for motorcycle

Corona direct: 3000km d'assurance auto gratuits sur votre prime

After its kilometre-based insurance for cars, Corona Direct has launched a new formula for motorcyclists, that can now choose between 3 products –  civil liability, small omnium and full omnium. Motorcyclists drive an average of 2,400 kilometres per year. Adapting the insurance coverage to the motorcyclists’ actual use is a big advantage for them. From a general point of view, motorcyclists would benefit if they travel less than 5,000 kilometres per year.

A bank for everyone in Belgium in January

Febelfin Logo Blok Vert RGB

Febelfin and the government have agreed to introduce a universal banking service on the 1st of January next year. It’s an initiative of a “universal banking service” for banking customers who have not gone digital yet. Universal service means a basic service at a favourable rate, as is it is the case in the telecommunications and postal sectors. Eleven banks in the country have already signed the charter. The charter provides, from 1 January, for a service consisting of a package of at least 60 manual transactions per year, a debit card and a minimum of 24 cash withdrawals per year from an ATM. The possibility of free direct debits and standing orders is also encouraged. The package may not exceed 60 euros per year, with an annual increase of a maximum of 6 euros, for the duration of the charter.

Febelfin & Assuralia launched Club Invest

To guide budding investors, Febelfin and Assuralia have launched “Club Invest”, an information platform for beginners. The sectoral federations based themselves on a study carried out by the bureau Indiville, among a sample of 2,045 people representative of Belgium.

Épargner ou prendre une assurance-vie ? Christopher Calice t'explique tout | Club Invest - YouTube

More than half of them (55%) would like their savings to yield a higher return and 40% clearly choose to invest in riskier financial products. The study also shows that almost a third of respondents (29%) do not take the plunge into the stock market because of a lack of information. Among young people, the proportion who would invest in the stock market if they were well informed even rises to 47%. Club Invest is an information campaign whose aim is “to explain the basics of investing and demystify a certain number of beliefs”, according to Febelfin.


New partnership between Qover and BNP Paribas Cardif

QOVER : ILS DÉBARQUENT EN FRANCE ! - InsuranceSpeaker - InsuranceSpeakerQover has joined forces with BNP Paribas Cardif to offer credit payment protection insurance, a very popular product in Belgium given the number of real estate transactions. It is also a complex product, especially given the medical constraints linked to it. This is a strategic and long-term partnership, according to Qover whose core business is to develop technologies that allow its clients to tailor their insurance products. Qovers’ mission will be to simplify this process and offer a seamless experience to BNP Paribas Cardif’s clients. This is Qover’s first partnership with a major retail bank, BNP Paribas Cardif being the world leader in credit payment protection insurance.

AXA partners with Legentic for a better service to policyholders in case of theft

Around twenty cases were resolved after an initial test phase of Legentic’s “Sjerlok” platform, that offers a solution for tracking and tracing stolen vehicles or objects. This encouraging result allows AXA to consider a more extensive deployment to improve the service to its policyholders in case of theft. This is a first in Belgium.

@ work

AG Insurance is the largest employer in the insurance sector

The Belgian insurance sector has 11 insurance groups with more than 500 employees, and in total, just over 100 insurance and reinsurance companies operating in the Belgian market. Almost three quarters of these companies have hired employees. Assurinfo noticed that the Brexit had an impact on the number of insurance and reinsurance companies in Belgian, when compared to 2019, since several ones decided to open an entity in Belgium in order to be able to operate in Europe.

With 4,345 employees, AG Insurance is the largest employer in the sector according to Assuralia.  AG is followed by AXA (3,600 employees) and Ethias (1,839 employees).

KBC to test working on Sundays

KBC has reached an agreement with ACV Puls to test working on syndays in Flanders and Brussels from January, for 8 months. In Wallonia, CBC is conducting its own discussions. “With KBC Live (telephone, chat), KBC wants to offer its customers the same instant solutions to their questions on Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm as those already offered via KBC Live at other times,” according to the press release.

More women than men in Belgian insurance companies.

In 2020, 54.2% of workers with permanent contracts are women. However, almost one woman out of three (31.1%) with a permanent contract works part-time, while among men the proportion is only 7.9%. Women actually represent less than half (46.9%) of the full-time workforce. The trend towards greater numbers of women in insurance companies since the early 2000s has been observed mainly in the executive, inspector and management functions. In 2020, 46.0% of managers are women, compared to 40.4% in 2010. Among inspectors, 20.4% are women in 2020, compared to 11.9% in 2010. The proportion of women in management positions is also increasing: in 2020, 30.4% of the members of the management are women, compared to 20.7% in 2010.

Among women, 63.0% are in the operational category, 33.3% are in the managerial category and 1.7% are members of the management. Among men, 41.1% are in the operational category, 46.3% are managers and 4.7% are executives.

When looking at the share of female workers on permanent contracts by job category, they are most represented in the operational category (almost two out of three workers are women). In the other (broad) occupational categories, men are still in the majority.

Sustainability in the financial sector

FSMA responsible for monitoring the application of European transparency rules on sustainability in the financial sector

Since March 2021, a number of Belgian financial actors and products are subject to new European transparency rules on sustainability. These include institutions for occupational retirement provision, insurers and supplementary pension plans. These rules stem from the “SFDR Regulation”, which aims to harmonise the way in which institutional investors, such as occupational pension institutions and insurers, must integrate environmental, social and governance factors, the so-called “ESG” factors, into their investment decision-making process.

8 insurance groups create the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance

Eight European insurers and reinsurers have created the “Net-Zero Insurance Alliance”, or NZIA : Scor, Axa, Allianz, Aviva, Generali, Munich Re, Swiss Re and Zurich Insurance Group.

It is a collaboration “that crowns the work carried out by the founding signatory companies with the United Nations Environment Programme” according to Scor, one of the eight founding members. In this context, the French reinsurer commits to “reduce all direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to its reinsurance underwriting portfolios, so as to achieve zero net emissions by 2050” and to “encourage the implementation of corporate disclosure standards and global policy frameworks for a transition to carbon neutrality in the insurance sector”.

Annual Reports

2020 yearly Ombudsman report for insurance 

The Ombudsman was contacted 7,629 times during 2020. This represents an increase of 13% compared to 2019. Lack of communication, lack of response and management delays remain the main reasons for consumer dissatisfaction and correspond to 26% of requests. Once again, claims handling is more common than production operations. The branches with the highest increase in 2020 are phone comprehensive insurance and cancellation insurance. Some lines of insurance have been directly affected by the health crisis: cancellation insurance, health insurance and life insurance. Finally, in various branches of insurance (cancellation, car, fire, etc.), many policyholders wanted to obtain a refund of the premium paid or part of it because the insured risk had disappeared or decreased in the context of the health crisis.




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Davantage de femmes que d’hommes parmi les travailleurs des entreprises d’assurances belges mais pas en équivalents temps plein

New partnership between Qover & BNPPF Cardif

AXA innove avec Legentic et la solution de détection de véhicules ou objets volés

Certaines compagnies proposent désormais l’assurance au kilomètre… pour les motos

Febelfin et Assuralia lancent le “Club Invest

A bank for everyone in Belgium in January

La FSMA compétente pour contrôler l’application des règles européennes de transparence en matière de durabilité dans le secteur financier

8 groupes d’assurance créent la Net-Zero Insurance Alliance

AG Insurance est le plus gros employeur du secteur suivi de AXA et Ethias

KBC va tester le travail le dimanche

2020 yearly Ombudsman report for insurance

Keeping up with the market – June 2021

New players & products

French neobank Swoon arrives in Belgium

Swoon, la néobanque lilloise, débarque sur smartphone à la fin de l'annéeSwoon was founded in 2019 in Lille, by Victoire and Quentin Haddouche. 2020 allowed them to test their product with a good thousand beta testers, and the neobank is starting its activities this month in France, Luxembourg and Belgium.  Swoon intends to focus on savings and investment. Their tests revealed two niches of clients : 35-50 years old, with a good vision of their savings and an idea of how to make them grow, and young clients between 18-25 years old. The team currently consists of 8 people at the company’s Lille headquarters. One or two additional employees will soon be working from Brussels.

Ethias launches Ethihub

Accueil - Ethi'hubEtihub is a digital window on Ethias’ insurance innovations

It provides a clear overview of all the services offered by Ethias, the solutions developed internally, the technologies used and the partners involved in the adventure. The purpose is to share the Group’s know-how, promote co-creation and open up to new partners.

Banx will soon enter the market

Proximus dévoile les premiers détails de sa banque 100% digitaleThe Proximus banking app, developed with the support of Belfius, is expected in the autumn and Proximus has unveiled some of its features. Users will have the possibility to discover and analyse their purchases’ carbon footprint, open accounts remotely, share bills with friends digitally regardless of their banks. Also, money transfers will be instant to any bank.

Wikifin gets a makeover

Communiqués de presse de Wikifin | WikifinThe FSMA’s Wikifin website has been completely redesigned. Its look and feel have been modernised, its new structure makes it easier to find information and it now has a powerful search function. The site, which provides access to a wide range of information and popular calculators, now also features a series of educational videos on various money issues. With more than four million visits per year, the website has been a huge success since the financial education programme was launched in 2013.

Partnerships, mergers and acquisitions

P&V is getting rid of Private Insurer

HomeThe acquisition of Private Insurer by P&V, which was supposed to be a springboard to boost the development of Branch 23 for P&V, ended up with tax irregularities and legal action taken. In this context, the P&V group has already recorded a provision of €52 million in 2020, with a strong impact on its annual results. P&V Group is now discussing with the NBB the development of an orderly resolution plan for Private Insurer.

Deminor could suspend the sale Integrale

Services d'assuranceDeminor, which represents the interests of a number of bondholders, does not understand the opacity surrounding the sale of Integrale and the silence of most of the parties involved. Deminor has decided to take legal action in order to make the conditions of the sale fully transparent. Its main objective is to push Monument Re to the negotiating table in order to obtain compensation for the bondholders.

Wilink acquires Alliance Bokiau

Wilink reprend les activités d'Alliance-Bokiau | WilinkFollowing a legal reorganisation procedure that started last year, the activities of Alliance Bokiau are being taken over by the broker Wilink, which is thus consolidating its leading position in insurance brokerage in Belgium. The CEO of Wilink describes the acquisition as strategic: “The activities of Alliance Bokiau and Wilink complement each other perfectly: the skills of Alliance Bokiau’s staff and the general insurance clientele strengthen Wilink’s leadership in the south of the country”, he adds, welcoming Alliance Bokiau’s 20,000 customers and 40 staff members.


AG & BNP Paribas Fortis become shareholders in mobility services provider Optimile

Discover your match with OptimileThe shareholders AG, Touring and BNP Paribas Fortis are investing 8 million euros in the Ghent-based company Optimile. The software company is thus entering a new dimension in the development of services for, on the one hand, the charging of electric cars via Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) and, on the other hand, multimodal mobility via Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS). Last year, the Optimile team grew from 10 to 25 employees. Optimile wants to double this number with 25 additional experts in the technical and commercial teams.


Ethias partners with Liberty Rider, the motorcyclists’ virtual guardian angel

Liberty Rider : tout savoir sur la start-up - ChallengesEthias has entered into a partnership with Liberty Rider, an app’ that offers a number of useful features to motorcyclists, such as an automatic call to the emergency services in the event of a fall or accident or an alert in the event of dangerous bends. More specifically, Ethias offers the Premium version of the application for one year to its motorbike policyholders.

Banking news

Women in Finance: The European Central Bank is aiming for 40% of women on management boards by 2025

Only 8% of European banks have a CEO. This is too few for the ECB, who is adding the criteria of diversification to its conditions for access to management positions, the so-called “Fit&Proper”. A working group within the ECB is working on the content of these criteria and the sanctions that could result from them, such as an additional capital requirement. A few examples in Belgium: the country’s leading bank, BNP Paribas Fortis, has four women out of the twelve members of the management committee (CFO, HRD, compliance and customer services). At KBC, there is one female CRO for every 7, compared to two for every 8 at ING (Head of Wholesale and CRO) and Belfius (HR and CRO). There is gender parity in the Argenta executive. According to the NBB, Belgium is neither among the best nor the worst in terms of diversity.

Cryptocurrencies: a major risk for banks?

How should financial institutions deal with virtual currencies? The Basel Committee has provided in its report, published at the beginning of June, a list of the main risks incurred by the banking sector if it invests, on a recurring basis, in cryptocurrencies and related services: risks related to liquidity, credits, markets, operational errors, hacking, etc. The Basel Committee also mentions that if banks invest in cryptocurrencies, they must meet the most stringent capital requirements. They must therefore provide as much capital for virtual currencies as they do for the riskiest repackaged financial products, whose underlying assets are not clearly defined. Concretely, for every dollar invested, financial institutions will have to set aside an additional dollar. The Basel Committee specifies that these are recommendations that can be adjusted.

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Keeping up with the market – May 2021

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We continue to share with you some key figures recently published for 2020.

Fédérale Assurance

In 2020, Federale Assurance achieved a consolidated net result of € 84.2 million (IFRS figures). This result, despite the drop in premium income, is satisfactory given the current crisis context. The insurer’s solvency stands at 146% and exceeds the legal requirements. However, the NBB has explicitly asked the insurer, from a prudential point of view, to build up additional reserves to cope with the uncertainties linked to the pandemic and the low interest rates.


Integrale has found a buyer

Remember, since February, three provisional administrators appointed by the NBB have been steering the sale process of Integrale, the subsidiary of Nethys. In the meantime, Integrale has found a buyer: Monument Assurance Belgium (MAB), the Belgian subsidiary of Monument Re. The company has entered into an agreement to acquire the entire portfolio and all the staff of Intégrale. According to the press release, “the firm offer from MAB was considered by the provisional administrators appointed by the National Bank of Belgium as the one that best meets the interests of the policyholders and staff of Integrale.” The transaction remains subject to the final approval of the NBB.

The amount of the transaction between Monument Re and Integrale has not been communicated. But this transfer of portfolios (whose solvency ratio is not good) does not bring Integrale much profit. Monument Re takes over its insurance activities and its staff (with an 18-month employment guarantee and a three-month retention bonus to ensure continuity of services). Then the reinsurer will reinject into its own structure “a substantial capital complement” – several hundred million – to meet the solvency standards imposed by the regulator. This is not a “classic” sale of Integrale but a sale of the company’s assets (all insurance contracts and all the insurer’s financial and real estate investments). The rights of all insurance beneficiaries are therefore protected through the transaction.

Monument Assurance Belgium | Monument Re Group


Ageas completes acquisition of a 40% stake in AvivaSA

On 23rd of February 2021, Ageas announced an agreement with Aviva plc to acquire its 40% stake in the listed Turkish life and pensions company AvivaSA. Ageas confirms that all regulatory approvals have been obtained and that the transaction has now been completed!

Ageas is acquiring the 40% stake for a total cash consideration of €140 million. The impact on Group solvency is approximately 3 percentage points. Following the transaction, AvivaSA is owned 40% by Ageas and 40% by Sabanci Holding, with the remaining 20% freely traded. A rebranding of AvivaSA will be proposed at a general meeting of the company’s shareholders later in 2021.



The 17th edition of the DECAVI Non-Life Insurance Awards rewarded insurers for their insurance features or their innovation. The most awarded insurers are Ethias (6 awards), AG Insurance (4 awards) and AXA Belgium (3 awards).


Here’s a global overview of the winners and the awarded products by category:


  • Car Insurance (RC and Omnium): AXA Belgium – Comfort Auto Insurance
  • Car legal protection: Arces /Groupe P&V – Legal Protection Auto Article 1
  • Motorbike Insurance: P&V Assurances – Motorcycle Insurance
  • Bicycle Insurance: Yuzzu – Bicycle Insurance


  • Fire insurance (multi-risk home – simple risks): AXA Belgium – Comfort Habitation Flex
  • Fire insurance (tenant): Ethias – Tenant Insurance
  • Fire insurance (co-owners): B.I.S. Insurance – COCOON of I.B.I.S.


  • Private Life Insurance: Ethias – Ethias Family


  • Tax legal protection insurance: AG – Providis Global Legal Protection


  • Industrial accident insurance: Ethias – Industrial Accident Insurance
  • SME Package: AG – Modulis Easy
  • MY HOLIDAY: Travel Insurance: AG – Top TravelStop (in collaboration with Touring)


  • Health Care Insurance: AG – AG Care Hospitalisation


  • Ethias – Mobility & More


  • Allianz Benelux – Accidents at work


  • Ethias


  • Ethias


  • AXA Belgium (Doctors online and psychological assistance)


  • P&V Insurance (“As long as you have plans, we will be there to ensure them. Let’s move forward”)



Datassur is becoming a cooperative company

Financial sector Archives - CRANIUMDatassur, an economic interest grouping that was set up some twenty years ago to manage common databases and the Bureau de coordination des expertises/Bureau voor de Coördinatie van Expertises (BCE), is becoming a cooperative company through the Datassur 2.0 strategic plan. The aim is to play an active role in sector innovation. The starting point for the current transformation, which has already begun, is compliant with the new company code and  GDPR. The chosen legal structure is the cooperative company, which implies an adaptation of the governance and above all of the numerous agreements in which Datassur is involved with the users of its many services.




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Keeping up with the market – April 2021

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AlliA acquires Nuytten

AlliA, Belgium’s second largest independent broker (commission income of more than 37 million euros), acquires the Nuytten brokerage group, adding 22 new employees (out of a total of 247). With this acquisition, AlliA considerably strengthens its position in the corporate market, as this acquisition will increase the premium income by more than 9% (to €445 million).

Allianz Benelux sells off a Belgian Life portfolio to Monument Re

Allianz Benelux has decided to sell a Belgian Life portfolio of around 90,000 policies that are part of its closed classical Life retail insurance book together with the covering assets including mortgages. Allianz will continue to manage the policies until 2022 to secure a safe and seamless transfer to Monument Re for its clients and brokers. The Belgian branch’s strategy is to focus on more modern Life insurance products with an attractive value proposition for Allianz Belgium’s customers. The market share of Allianz in the country remains unchanged at around 6%.


Insurtech fundraisings

Qover raises US$25M

The Belgian insurtech has raised $25M with Prime Ventures as lead investor, backed by Cathay Innovation. Anthemis and Alven, who had already taken part in former fundraisings, also participated in this funding round. This new investment brings the company’s total investment to $43M. As of now, Qover covers around a million of customers throughout Europe. This new financing should support an even more important growth, as the company announced a few months ago a newly signed partnership with the online bank Revolut.

Alan raises €185M

The French insurtech specialized in 100% digitalized Health insurance, has recently done a new fundraising, closing with a total of €185 million. At the moment, they offer an insurance cover to 160 000 clients, mainly through corporate insurance covers, their ambition is to reach a million of members. Alan launched its Belgian branch 6 month ago, with a team of around 20 employees, they have, so far, convinced 1 000 members. Jean-Charles Samuelian, co-founder of Alan, said “This a good start for Belgium. Our goal is to reach 10 000 members before the end of the year and 100 000 within 3 years”.

After Belgium, Alan is tackling Spain. The company will be present in 3 markets and it should quickly develop in new ones to reach its objectives. Alan is now valued at €1.4 billion.



AXA and Microsoft partner to create a new health and well-being platform

AXA has announced a new collaboration with Microsoft to deploy a digital healthcare platform providing access to an ecosystem of health services open to all. The range of services offered to the AXA customers will include a self-assessment and prevention tool, a medical concierge, a teleconsultation interface, a digital safe, homecare services (e.g. drug delivery) and a directory of healthcare professionals. In addition, the platform will enable the decompartmentalization of health services in order to improve research, treatment and prevention of diseases.

This service is already available in Germany and Italy, and will be developed in Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and the UK by 2022.

PwC supports a Belgian insurtech with its program “Scale FinTech”

PwC has launched the “Scale FinTech” program that aims at supporting fintechs to grow and fulfill their growth potential. PwC selected 10 startups, including 4 Belgian ones: Risk Concile (regtech), B.fine (reporting automation), FinFlag (back office solution for payments) and Penbox (digitalization).

Penbox is active in the insurance sector as it aims at simplifying insurance contracts with digitalized, simpler and clearer contract drafts. Their targeted audience are both insurers and brokers.

AXA works hand in hand with SpaceAble

The AXA group has announced a new partnership with the start-up SpaceAble, a French start-up specialized in « Space Situational Awareness ». The goal for AXA is to have a better view on how occupied the orbit is, and to better track the spatial congestion. This should allow AXA to refine its spatial insurance covers to insure satellite operators and other key players in the space sector.


Innovation and miscellaneous

AXA Switzerland allows its clients to pay in Bitcoin

AXA Switzerland wanted to offer more payments possibilities to its customers. Since one of their research showed that one third of their customers (aged 18 to 55) already owned cryptocurrencies or were willing to, they decided to offer the possibility to do financial transaction using crypto. The Swiss can now pay their Non-Life insurance premiums with Bitcoin ! This option is not available for Life insurance contracts for regulatory reasons.

The company has announced that they would convert their cryptocurrency into Swiss Francs, as they do not want to carry bitcoins on their balance sheets.

Z-Insurance will be broadcasted for a new season

Kanaal Z has announced a new season for the show “Z-Insurance”, part of the “Business communities” slot, focusing on specific markets. These interviews focusing each month on a specific topic, have been renewed for a new season. The broadcasting will start as from the beginning of May. Many various key players of the insurance spectrum in Belgium have announced their participation to the show: AG Insurance, Allianz, Arag, Architas, Athora, AXA, Baloise Insurance, Brocom, Euromex, IBIS, Le Foyer, Legal Village, NN, Portima and Vivium.



DORA requirements for the insurance intermediary

With its proposal for a Digital Operational Resilience Regulation (DORA), the European Commission intends to harmonize legislation in this area, including the identification, mitigation and management of cyber risks and outsourcing and concentration risks, with the aim of establishing a common standard for the entire EU financial system. The law will apply to all financial entities, including credit institutions, payment institutions, (re)insurers and (re)insurance intermediaries, as well as third-party ICT service providers.

However, it appears that the requirements imposed by the DORA Regulation are not operationally and financially viable for the intermediary. The principle of proportionality contained therein is proving difficult to implement, and the proposal does not contain sufficient information on how proportionality would be achieved.

The current exemptions for microenterprises from certain DORA requirements are not sufficient.

BIPAR, the European federation of insurance intermediaries, to which BZB-Fedafin is also affiliated, is campaigning for insurance intermediaries to be exempted from these rules. BZB-Fedafin supports this action and has contacted the competent ministers to point out the considerable impact of this proposal on Belgian insurance intermediaries and to ask them to exclude them from the scope of the law. To be continued…




Keeping up with the market – March 2021

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2020 results

Ethias closed 2020 with a net profit of €205 million

This represents an increase of 8% compared to 2019. The life insurance segment generated a total profit of 6 M€. The non-life business generated a profit of 170 M€, which is 39 M€ more than in 2019. The company’s Solvency II ratio stands at 187%. The Federal State and the Walloon and Flemish Regions, which together hold 95% of the insurer’s capital, should receive some 100 M€ in dividends following these good results.

Ageas recorded a net profit of more than 1 billion € despite the pandemic

With a profit of 1.14 billion euros for the financial year 2020, the insurer is even slightly ahead of analysts’ forecasts. In Belgium, Ageas posted, through its subsidiary AG Insurance, a net profit of 410 M€, of which 278 M€ was generated by the life business.  As in the Belgian market in general, premium income for individual life insurance with a guaranteed rate fell.

AXA remains the Belgian leader in Non-Life Insurance

In Belgium, the insurer posted a total turnover of 3,372 M€, of which 2,087 M€ in non-life insurance, 118 M€ in health insurance and 1,167 M€ in life insurance, savings and pensions. The insurer’s operating income amounts to 378 M€. AXA remains the Belgian leader in non-life insurance, although its market share has dropped by 0.4% to 17.8%.

Players on the Belgian market: ins and outs

TopCompare enters the insurance market

The comparison platform for banking products employs 23 people and attracts some 300,000 unique visitors per month. Its monthly turnover is 250,000 euros and its income is exclusively derived from commission on the sale of products via the site. The company has been profitable since June and now intends to strengthen its leading position on the Belgian market and to make a place for itself in the insurance sector.

Online savings bank is leaving the Belgian market

On March 9, the parent company ‘announced its intention to terminate the activities of its online savings bank The company arrived on the market in 2002 and has grown into one of the largest savings banks in Belgium, but according to market analysts it lost ground to competitors and low interest rates that have made the bank’s model difficult to sustain.


Progress in the case of Integrale

Out of the 3 potential buyers for Integrale (Athora, Monument Re and River Rock), only the British investment fund River Rock remained in the running, but its offer has not convinced all the directors. In the meantime, at the end of February, the NBB took power over Integrale by replacing the members of the board of directors and the management committee by a college of provisional directors. The trio consists of special commissioner Kenneth Vermeire, lawyer Marc Fyon and professor of economic and financial law Michel Flamée. Although they are not candidates for the takeover of Integrale, some insurers declared being available to “help”, such as Ethias and Ageas.


The European Commission adopted its new EU strategy on adaptation to climate change on 24 February 2021

In 2020, the European Commission was asking for thoughts on the EU’s current strategy to adapt to climate change, set out in 2013, and the industry trade body Insurance Europe said the EU strategy needs to shift to more preventative behaviour. The situation is now much more urgent than in 2013. Frans Timmermans, VP of the European Commission, says that people need to be aware of the climate risks they face and that we need to ensure that we are all better prepared for a changing planet. However, he also said that it does not necessarily mean that there will be a new legislation. The new strategy includes a greater focus on data transparency, information and collaboration with the insurance sector. However, Frank Timmermans



Nethys – La Banque Nationale de Belgique prend le pouvoir chez Integrale va se retirer du marché belge

Bénéfice record pour Ageas malgré la pandémie

Frans Timmermans: “Il faut que les gens soient conscients des risques climatiques qu’ils encourent”

Ethias entend distribuer plus de 100 millions d’euros à ses actionnaires publics

AXA reste leader de l’assurance dommages mais perd du terrain

Communiqué de presse AXA – Résultats annuels 2020

Devenue rentable, TopCompare va s’attaquer aux assurances