Legislation – October 2023

This month, a number of laws have been discussed in the insurance landscape, including the procedure for cancelling an insurance contract, the link between mortgage and fire insurance, and compulsory insurance for electric bikes.



Bill on cancellation of an insurance contract at any time

The bill concerning the cancellation of an insurance contract on demand has been voted in plenary session of the House.

This law will allow the cancellation to take place at the end of a period of two months from the day after the notice is served, provided that the period of one year from the start of the tacitly renewable insurance contract has expired.


Mortgages will no longer be linked to fire insurance

As announced in the bill approved by the House Economic Affairs Committee, customers taking out a mortgage in the near future will be able to change their fire insurance or outstanding balance insurer without the interest rate being increased, after a third of the term of the loan.


No mandatory insurance for electrically assisted bicycles

Following a case between two insurers, the European Court of Justice has ruled that electrically assisted bicycles are not subject to compulsory insurance, as is the case for motor vehicles.