Market & Results- November 2023

This month, in addition to the ranking of top digital insurers and AXA and AG’s engagement regarding climate change, key reports on the market’s risks have been released. Find out more below.




AXA and KBC rank top among digital insurers

Sia Partners has carried out a study on the digital services offered for home and car insurance by 16 Belgian insurance companies. The study is based on 5 criteria: the quality of online information, price simulators, contract underwriting, claims handling and user experience.

The Belgian sector scored an average of 60%.




AXA Future Risks Report 2023

AXA recently published its annual Future Risks Report. The report measures how 3 500 experts in 50 countries and a representative sample of 20 000 members of the population in 15 countries perceive rising and evolving risks.

Here is the top 10 emerging risks in Belgium:


More information about the 10th edition of the report here.


EIOPA Risk Dashboard Q2

EIOPA has recently published its quarterly risk assessment of the EU insurance industry. The Risk Dashboard, based on Solvency II data, summarises the main risks and vulnerabilities in the European Union’s insurance sector through a set of risk indicators.

The data is based on financial stability and prudential reporting collected from insurance groups and solo insurance undertakings.

You can read the full dashboard here.

AG has invested 10 billion euros for a more sustainable world

AG’s objective was to invest 10 billion euros by 2024 in activities that contribute to the transition to a more sustainable world. The company has met its target a year ahead of schedule.

The 10 billion euros were invested mainly in renewable energies, green mobility, social projects, wind and solar farms, and green bonds.

AG will continue its strategy to make the investment portfolio even more sustainable.



AXA Belgium uses the Eco Repair Score for vehicle repairs

AXA supports the development of the Eco Repair Score, an easy-to-use calculation tool that assigns a sustainability score (ranging from A to E) to vehicle repairs and also measures their environmental impact concretely.

As one of the Belgium’s leading motor insurer, AXA requires its certified auto repairers to use the Eco Repair Score in the 100,000 or so claims the company handles each year. In this way, AXA Belgium aims to reduce the emissions associated with the vehicle repairs by 25% by 2026.


Storm Ciarán in figures




JoCo24: call for paper


From 22 to 25 September 2024, the different sections of the IAA (AFIR-ERM, ASTIN, IAAHS, IAALS, IACA, and PBSS) will host the very 1st Joint Colloquium of all IAA Sections (JoCo2024) in the centre of Brussels. 

The Institute of Actuaries in Belgium (IA|BE) invites all actuaries and section members from all around the world, as well as actuarial students, to discuss the latest research and actuarial challenges arising from new fields of professional and academic activity as well as from traditional work areas. Discover the topics

The JoCo2024 Organizing Committee welcomes abstracts until 15 December 2023. The presentations for the congress program will be selected by 31 January 2024 and shortlisted speakers are requested to be available on-site for the event’s dates in order to deliver their presentation live.



KBC third quarter results