We have a clear statement: we want to provide excellence to each of our clients.

Our founding partners have a sound knowledge of technical skills and market reality. In order to maintain the highest standards of customer service, they have decided to establish an exclusive collaboration with recognised experts in the human capital field and executive positions to create tools and techniques, which will make every single mission a success.

– Interview Technique

We have developed a grid of semi-structured interview(s) to challenge our candidates on their skills and on their cultural adaptability. The distinguishing feature of this tool is based on the understanding of the context surrounding the function to be filled.

It allows us to develop a more global vision of the match between a candidate, the function and the direct environment of the job (company culture, team dynamic, management style, diversity, communication trends).

By taking those dimensions into account, we reinforce the potential for mission success.

– Talent Assessments

In addition to the quality of our interviews, we provide our clients with technical and personality assessments. This enhances the level of objectivity of our process as well as the quality of our understanding of the candidate’s alignment with the function and the culture of the company.

We are committed to handing our clients a complete overview of candidate profiles and helping them get a clear insight into potential employees’ competencies and personalities.

Technical Assessments

Prior to an interview or at any given step of the process, we offer our clients technical tests (for selected candidates), which are adapted to the vacancy at hand as well as our clients’ wishes. These tests are carried out by our technical experts.

The objective of these tests is to provide our clients with a clearer view of our candidate’s profiles and pinpoint the areas of focus for future interviews. We guarantee the impartiality and confidentiality of these tests.

Personality Assessments

We believe that the more information there is on a candidate, the more efficient and accurate our mission will be.

As it is important for our clients to know which candidate is best suited for their organisation, we use – upon request – psychometric tools, which allow us to reinforce the prediction of how the candidate will work: the style to approach the work, the type of interpersonal relationship with fellow employees or clients, the dimensions which can generate frustration or stress, the real source of motivation.

We therefore use a test that provides fair and accurate results, based on clear key criteria: standardisation, reliability and validity. We collaborate with professional psychologists to choose and interpret these psychometric tests.

Service Coverage

Asquare Partners’ executive search focuses on senior executive, board and C-Level profiles as well as mid-senior level research-driven headhunting solutions. We operate in the financial industry.

Our in-depth sector experience and knowledge combined with our unique approach to talent acquisition allows us to build strong relationships with both candidates and clients.


Every organisation requires an effective and efficient leadership team at its head. We believe that the complicated challenge of finding senior level executives is best met with the support of highly qualified consultants specialised in their respective markets.

At Asquare Partners, every search is driven by experienced consultants who have extensive knowledge on their respective market and who stay on top of recent developments.


We do not take the responsibility of conducting a strategic executive search lightly.

To ensure that every search results in success, we work closely with our clients to define candidates’ ideal personality traits and technical competencies and set up a strict and thorough recruitment process. With the network that we have built up over previous years combined with our in-depth sector experience, we are able to effectively identify and target a talent pool that will directly match our clients’ requirements.

We commit ourselves to approach each candidate personally and with great discretion. We perform to the best of our abilities in order to ensure a successful hiring and to guarantee the sustainability of every placement.

Coaching and Onboarding

Onboarding and coaching services for Executives in a new role are gaining significantly in importance.

We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to offer our Executive candidates tailor-made coaching when they start new challenging functions. We know they have to prove quickly that they are the right person for the position and that they can demonstrate real results.

As it is not only matters of professional expertise or personality but also a question of integration in our client’s organisation and team, we have decided, in addition to our executive search solutions, to develop our practice of Coaching and Onboarding to accelerate their journey to success.

Based on the subtle understanding we have of our client’s environment and challenges, we offer a supportive thinking space to work out all critical issues the Executive will face. We point out typical stumbling blocks and help the person to establish himself in his new environment by using a cognitive-behavioural solution focused approach.

The objective is to successfully navigate through the transition and have a positive impact by securing early wins that build credibility.

Time and budget are invested to find the best candidate and we all assume that the best candidate will naturally repeat his past success within his new organisation.

Nevertheless, we observe that some unexpected difficulties, such as cultural misunderstanding, role ambiguity, interpersonal misalignment or unclear expectations, can greatly impair the prospects for successful onboarding.

By using our coaching and onboarding service, we give the opportunity to intelligently overcome those constraints and effectively improve the collaborator’s chances of success. It is also a proactive way to secure our client’s search investment.